Do You Want To Quit Smoking Pot? E-Cigs Could Be The Answer.

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E-cigs could be the answer.

I grew up with an interesting background. My father grew (and still does grow) marijuana. I think I started smoking herb when I was 11 or 12. This led to an even more interesting teenage career. At some point I miraculously realized I needed to stop smoking pot habitually. When I was dating the girl of my dreams this career came to an abrupt halt. And we are married now….If I would have known that E-cigs were around at this time I would have been on board 100%. Smoking pot involved so many things to care about, although it was mainly flavor and the type of high you got. Whether it was trainwreck or purple the purchase came down to if it tasted good and got you high.


Imagine also using e-cigs during this time…. I smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day, and even more when I was high (or on so many other drugs, lol.)  I can only imagine dripping or mixing THC liquid with my e-juice to quit both habits, this would have been phenomenal! Drip your normal e-liquid whenever you want to smoke, and when you needed a headchange, add a couple drops of the THC liquid into the mix. Maybe you would pre-mix the liquid before hand and have a “Special” bottle of e-juice on hand. Maybe you would drip it on to the atomizer directly to get high….. Either way its a win/win.

E-cigs are the answer.

Why is it a win/win?

Think about it… no harsh throat repercussions, no lung damage, no coughing… plus you could get your nicotine in at the same time. What else? What about all of the flavors available to e-cigs? You want to buy some hash and make it taste like an orange creamcicle? Oh, no, you want maple pancakes? You want something more subtle?  No freaking problem, buy the e-juice (@ 0mg nicotine if you want straight flavor and vapor)   of your choice and mix it. Drop it. Vape it. No downside. Talk about ninja toking…. Thats exactly what this is.

So, how does this help me quit smoking pot?

Just like e-cigs are used to kick your cigarette habit, it could be used for marijuana. Typically if you want to quit smoking cigarettes and use e-cigs, you step down the nicotine amounts in the liquid over time, this could also be done with the THC drops (hash oil, honey oil, cannabis oil, etc.). You can get the drops at different levels most of the time, and if you cant then you can cut it with e-liquid. You can do math… c’mon, I know it hurts but think about it…

Say you get THC drops rated at 80%, in a 15ml bottle, dilute that quantity with 15ml of vanilla cream e-liquid (of course whatever nicotine amount you want) and all the sudden you have 40% strength THC drops flavored with freaking vanilla cream to indulge on. Thats amazing. Vaporizing marijuana just got to the next level. We call this a “Next level maneuver” here.

There is no reason why you couldn’t step this down over time. Set up a 4 month program with this, heck, set up an 8 month program and enjoy what you were missing this whole time.

I love how the THC drops taste, I don’t want to add any “flavoring”.

Ok, fine. No flavor. Add pure vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol to the THC to cut it. Mix it up 50/50 for maximum vapor. These substances don’t have much taste at all by themselves…. It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is you have control over whatever you want, without having to jack your lungs/throat while quitting pot/marijuana.

Now that my throat and lungs don’t hurt, I don’t want to quit.

I imagine that taking all of the physical problems away may make you not want to actually quit smoking pot. Thats fine, the reasons you wanted to quit are all you’re own. I am merely suggesting how you could successfully ween yourself off of the herbal remedy. You decide.

Can the E-cigs handle the THC drops?

Absolutely. Just google it and you will find a wealth of content giving step by step information on how to not only make your own THC liquid (You can also purchase it if you have your card in CA legally) but on how it is so easily used in conjunction with e-cigs.

Are you a pot smoker and don’t know jack about e-cigs?

Thats cool. Browse our blog for information. E-cigs are electronic cigarettes…. Basically, the way they work is that you put some liquid (contains a base of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or both.. and flavorings/ nicotine if you want it) on an atomizer (the part of the e-cig that gets really hot and vaporizes the liquid) and you inhale it. You know how there are vaporizers for weed? This is basically a handheld unit that works the same way as the typical vaporizer using a liquid compound. The effect is a completely customizable and pain free experience. It makes a ton of vapor (it looks and feels just like smoke, except it doesnt harm you, its basically a water vapor) and is TOTALLY amazing.

I used e-cigs to quit smoking cigarettes PAINLESSLY, and there is no reason they would not work to get you off of marijuana.

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6 Comments on "Do You Want To Quit Smoking Pot? E-Cigs Could Be The Answer."

  1. Menes November 4, 2012 at 10:10 pm · Reply

    The only problems I am having is IDK how much THC to use and what kind of THC concentrate do i use? BHO? Honey Hash oil? other than that I thought of this as soon as I discovered everything about e cigs and e juices… best thing ever

  2. baks January 31, 2011 at 9:12 am · Reply


  3. baks January 31, 2011 at 9:12 am · Reply

    and where

  4. baks January 31, 2011 at 9:06 am · Reply

    how to buy the thc drops?

    • cooperhilscher January 31, 2011 at 10:48 am · Reply

      I definitely cannot inform you on how to buy thc drops, but I can inform you on where to buy an e-cig…..

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