How To Drip With Your E-Cig

Written by on February 26, 2011 in Atomizer Tricks, Beginners, Cartridge Tricks, Guides - 3 Comments

What is “Dripping”?

Dripping is a method of juice delivery where instead of using the cartridge and filler that comes with your e-cig, you drip your juice directly on to your atomizer and vape it. There are a couple reasons why this method is kind of superior to using the cartridge and filler:

  1. You actually get a lot more flavor from the juice and no filler taste. If you noticed, when you use the filler in your cartridge you can get a funky taste sometimes.
  2. Using a cartridge and filler is a pain because most of the time it does not work very good. It is easy to flood, its easy to not fill all the way, there are a lot of problems with the stock cartridges.

How do you drip?

  1. Remove your cartridge and pull the filler material out with your fingers, or tweezers, or anything that can grab that woolly stuff.
  2. Drip 2-3 drops of your juice directly on to your atomizer, literally, right on to that sucker. 510′s can take 3 drops, I think I would use 2 drops on anything else.
  3. Put the cartridge back on (without filler) and vape away. This should last anywhere in between 5-8 full puffs before you need to drip again.

*Note*- If you put too much juice in your atomizer, it will leak and it will also not make vapor. This is because it is “flooded”. If this happens to you, just keep drawing on your e-cig until you start getting vapor again. You will figure out in time how many drips to drop to get the most out of your experience.

How to make dripping even better?

You can buy “drip tips” which replace your cartridges with a tip that you can drip through, directly on to your atomizer. They are hollow, like a straw.  They can come in a variety of plastics and metals, including stainless steel and aluminum. I definitely prefer drip tips, because you do not have to take a cartridge on and off every time you want to drip.

Another tip is to use thick juice when you drip. What makes thick juice? Usually 100% VG juice is thick as syrup unless they add something to make it thin. You can find 100% VG juice at a lot of different vendors websites, including Alien Visions E-Juice (who makes Boba’s Bounty and many other great flavors).

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3 Comments on "How To Drip With Your E-Cig"

  1. Jen January 6, 2012 at 5:01 pm · Reply

    This tip on dripping juice directly into the atomizer was a great tip, thank you. I had been keeping the filler inside and after removing it and only dripping on the atomizer made a huge difference. I just received my first bottles of flavored juices today and tried it for the first time. I’m new to e-cigs and I’m enjoying it so much that I’d rather have an e-cig than a regular cig.

  2. deborah March 10, 2011 at 9:41 pm · Reply

    found your site by accident, but am so grateful i did…..lots of helpful advice…will try your sponsor links in hopes of keeping you guys up and running….

    • cooperhilscher March 10, 2011 at 9:52 pm · Reply

      Hey Deborah, glad you found the site and are getting something out of it. Let is know if you need any help with anything.

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