IntelliCIG ECOpure Rich Juice Review

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IntelliCIG has been around for several years and in the vaping world, that is a lifetime. They are based in the UK and are the makers of the ECOpure line of juices that practically anyone who has tried is raving about. For this review, we are going to be giving you our opinion of the “Rich” flavor that is (from what I understand) a lot like their ECOpure Original with more flavor.

I purchased my 30ml bottle from CigNot (a US distributor) and had nothing short of an awesome experience. The shipping was as fast as it comes and the product was packaged well.

So… What’s It Like?

ECOpure Rich is like no other juice that I’ve ever tried. Not because the flavor is totally wild or anything like that, but because it is so freaking subtle. You almost have to consciously make the effort to taste the juice while you are vaping it, which makes for a wonderful all-day vaping experience. It is a juice that forces you to come back for more throughout the day due to the fact that the flavor is delicious but very much in the background.

Sometimes I catch myself dripping a drop or two directly on my tongue to get the most out of it (haha, kidding… kind of). So, on to the ratings!

Flavor:  ★★★★¼ 

The actual flavor of this juice is sort of like cotton candy to me, but I’ve heard people describe it as having a “malty” or tobacco flavor too. A big part of what makes this juice so wonderful is the fact that you are able to vape it all day long and by the end of the day, want more of it rather than being sick of it. While the flavor is rather hard to pin down, there is no doubting the fact that it is easy on the tastebuds and I can’t imagine anyone disliking it.

One aspect of this juice that is extremely enjoyable is how clean it is. It is obvious that IntelliCIG uses only the highest quality ingredients when making this stuff, as there is absolutely no trace of residue or nastiness left over, even after vaping it all day long.

Vapor Production:  ★★★★½ 

This juice is 100% VG and therefore makes gigantic clouds of vapor, along with its subtle and pleasing aroma. Much like Boba’s Bounty, I don’t think there are any juices in the world that can produce more vapor than this one does.

Throat Hit:  ★★★★¼ 

Cooper would have given this a 4.5, while I would have given it a 4. That is why we settled on 4.25. The throat hit of this juice is very smooth, yet has enough kick to let you know it’s being serious. It’s not going to knock you down but really feels pretty similar to the throat hit experienced when smoking an analog.

Consistency:  ★★★½☆ 

The downfall of this juice is in it’s consistency. It’s more watery than most juices I vape regularly, which lends itself well to cartomizer usage, but will flood your atty easily if you aren’t careful. For a juice that is 100% VG, I would hope for a little more thickness, but as far as downsides are concerned this certainly isn’t a deal breaker. Most of the juices I vape regularly are on the thicker side, so it really is just personal preference. If you are a cartomizer user, you’ll be in absolute heaven.

Overall Score:  ★★★★¼ 

In a nutshell, this juice is fantastic. It has become my all-day go-to juice for about a week straight at this point. I enjoy it as much as I do because it isn’t the slightest bit intrusive or “over the top” and when I take a short break from it to vape something different (like Boba’s), it contrasts extremely well and allows other juices to absolutely POP.

While ECOpure juices are a bit on the expensive side of things, they are absolutely worth every penny and I recommend you give Rich a shot.

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One Comment on "IntelliCIG ECOpure Rich Juice Review"

  1. Adam March 10, 2011 at 6:38 pm · Reply

    The best vape there is. Period. Nothing will ever come close. The best way to vape this is with a new or freshly cleaned atomizer so there is no other liquid mixing with it. It will clean your atty but that’s a crazy price for just an atomizer cleaner. It doesn’t require steeping. It costs a ton compared to others unless you find the right deal (intellicig usa has buy 2 bottles get $5 off plus free shipping equaling 75 cents a ml)

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