Juice Review: Backwoods Brew RY4

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Well, a few days back I enjoyed a  pleasant surprise… I had got home from work, threw my stuff on the bed, grabbed the mail key and took a stroll to the box expecting to find a couple e-cig kits, some Boba’s Bounty, and maybe (if I was lucky) some cartomizers. What I got instead was an order from Backwoods Brew that I forgot I had placed! Even though I’d have to wait until the next day for the other stuff I was hoping would be here, I didn’t care at all. It has to be one of the best feelings in the world to open your mailbox and have two big ol’ bottles of Brew sitting in there that you weren’t expecting.

This time around I ordered a 30ml bottle of Nutty (at 18mg this time) and some RY4 (also at 18mg). I was lucky enough to score some of the mystical RY4 juice just before Don was tapped out. This stuff always seems to be sold out, and is super hyped up. It’s very good, but some of my findings may surprise you…


We base our juice reviews on a scale of 1-5 broken down into the following categories:

  • Flavor
  • Vapor Production
  • Throat Hit
  • Consistency

The overall score will be these categories averaged together.

Flavor:  ★★★★¼ 

Most RY4′s I’ve had from other vendors have  sweet, bold flavors that really don’t resemble tobacco at all. This one is different in the respect that is is almost all tobacco, lightly sprinkled with some vanilla and perhaps… something else… Not cocoa, but something warm and mild like a little cocoa might add. It’s hard to tell, but that’s the thing that I like about this flavor. It’s a very well balanced, mild and delicious tobacco flavor that is certainly better than any other RY4 I’ve tried.

While it isn’t my very favorite flavor from Backwoods, it’s certainly delicious. If you’re a tobacco fan like myself, it is definitely one that you want to have in your stash for those occasions when you feel like vaping a warm, slightly sweet rendition.

Vapor Production:  ★★★¾☆ 

This juice produces an above average amount of vapor, but not quite as much as Honey Flue Nut or Nutty (both of which bellow). You won’t be disappointed.

Throat hit:  ★★★★☆ 

Excellent throat hit here. In fact, one of Backwoods’ better juices in this category. I’m vaping this at 18mg (my preferred strength) and it rocks compared to most juices out there.

Consistency:  ★★★¾☆ 

Just slightly thinner than most of the Backwoods juices. It’s a tiny bit of a shame since I feel like most other BwB juices are nearly perfect in this category, but it isn’t bad. In fact, it’s still much better than 90% of other juices I’ve tried.

Overall Score:  ★★★★☆ 

Not my favorite juice from Backwoods Brew, but certainly my favorite RY4 I’ve tried from any vendor. Very tasty, good throat hit, and good vapor production make this one a keeper. It’s harder than hell to get ahold of, but very worth the effort.

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