Juice Review: Regular UltraPure Liquid From Innovapor.com

Written by on November 8, 2011 in E-Juice Reviews, Reviews, UltraPure E-Liquid - 4 Comments

Refreshment.Oooh, bubbles!


It has been about 6 months since we last made a post on Ecigology, I apologize for the wait. Life can get crazy sometimes. On with the show.

I first sampled this liquid way back in May, and I really liked it. I finally ordered another bottle of it about a month ago, and after that was done with, I ordered a 125ml bottle. That’s how much I like this stuff.

Its like Ecopure +

When I vape this stuff, it hits just like Ecopure Rich to me, and it even has that kind of tingle to it, as if it is based with carbonated water or something. People think Im crazy when I say that, but Im totally serious, tingly carbonation feeling is what I imagine it as. Now, I have always wished there was just a tiny bit more flavor in ecopure rich, just a smidge, and thats where this liquid shines. Ultrapure liquid is really stinking good. You can order it in 3 different flavors (unflavored, regular, and menthol ) and then they let you select the flavor Intensity (full, medium, light, ultra-light). I have found that I really love regular flavor at the “light” intensity. This gives you something that tastes like an ecopure rich base, with a smidge of tobacco flavor in it. Truly delicious.

The stuff has a great throat hit, you can very much feel it going into your lungs, but its nice and smooth, not harsh. If you are looking for something you can vape all day without getting sicked out by too much flavor, give this juice a shot. It is definitely in my top 5 of all time favorites.

The guys over at Innovapor make this stuff, I use one of their e-cigs called the Ultramax, its been a solid unit for me. You can order this stuff in a sampler, or a 30ml bottle, or even a 125ml bottle. The price is a little more expensive than normal juice but not as expensive as ecopure. Its worth every penny to me.



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4 Comments on "Juice Review: Regular UltraPure Liquid From Innovapor.com"

  1. Gus April 9, 2013 at 10:24 am · Reply

    Nice review, I use Innovapor UltraPure menthol full flavor full nicotine strength and its great and natural. on innovapor’s website you can use promo code ACK20 for 20% off.

  2. blake December 1, 2011 at 9:58 am · Reply

    Today this juice has seemed to really open up for me. I really am falling in love with this juice. I totally see where you are coming from when you say it’s worth the money when putting it in the perspective of cigarettes and agree with you totally. The throat hit is awesome and the exhale is even better. Cooper thank you so much for your reviews. It seems i just needed a bit more time with it. I hold your reviews in the most high regards. keep em coming brother!

  3. blake November 30, 2011 at 8:36 pm · Reply

    Thanks for the review. Just got my samples of the ultrapure in regular flavor with the light intensity. To me this juice is a cross between vaporstation tampa and backwoods brew malty. Really a great juice. I do however believe that this juice is priced way to high for what you are getting. Backwoods brew malty is still in my opinion the absolute best juice on the market period.

    • cooperhilscher December 1, 2011 at 1:03 am · Reply

      I like Malty a lot. The ultrapure is a little expensive, but, all in all, with the perspective of cigarettes in mind, juice is cheaper. IMO, if the juice is not worth the money to you, don’t pay for it! Thanks for the comment.

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