The Truth About Atomizers

Do you live in fear of your atomizer? Don’t. When I first got into vaping I heard over and over that they are “easy to burn up”, they “last a maximum of 1-2 months”, you cant “clean them with certain things”, etc. etc.

I don’t think that this is really the case, but maybe I have had only good luck with my e-cig career? Doubtful.

I have been using E-cigs as a analog  cigarette replacement for something like 7 months, and the only atomizer that has ever gone out on me was one of those low-resistance atomizers on an Ego, which are known to not last very long at all. (They let more current through, thus being more likely to damage the hardware.)

In fact, my original 510 batteries died before any atomizer ever did. Now, performance does drop after like a week of use, but it seems to hang at about 85-90% after that.  I have dry burned the heck out of these things, ripped the bridges off with pliers, soaked them overnight in various liquids (including soda) and they seem to be pretty stinking resilient.

What do I do to keep them going so long?

  • Wash them out with peroxide and warm water when they get a bad taste or the draw gets harder.
  • Try to keep them moist if you can
  • Don’t put them in the microwave, no matter what your buddy tells you.

You dont have to do much to keep your atties in good shape.

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