Video Review: Apex Ultramax From

Written by on April 28, 2011 in E-Cig Reviews, Innovapor, Reviews, Video Reviews - 3 Comments

Simple, Beautiful, And Works Like A Champ.

UPDATE 4/2013 – Unfortunately innovapor is no longer selling these units. I don’t know where to get them from anymore either.

The 6v ultramax vapes like a beast but still retains a beautiful image. It has an amazing sliding button and RES tank that makes dripping easier than ever.
For more information about the Ultramax visit Innovapor.

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3 Comments on "Video Review: Apex Ultramax From"

  1. Robb jones February 6, 2013 at 8:01 am · Reply

    Gary, guys if you got all the samples an are Vaping the unflavored the juice might not be that awesome, or if indeed it is then maybe we’d like to see what the other flavors are like, i hope not crap, “not being shitty But…” Most ppl want a vape, A flavored juice that isn’t 3.6mg that is the highest Nic level ppl make so, maybe show some other flavors? Pg/VG or VG/Pg ratio hmmm, but Nice vid just try an make it more appealing to Noobs, The goal here is to steer ppl to a safer nicotine harm reduction product, Nice video, Drink less Vape more an Maybe a Power Regulated MOD would be nice to do a review on, say the Genie´╗┐ Cube DNA20, or something similar. Besides the Point Nice review, Next time’s do it without the drinks

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