Best Box mod and Vape Mods
Finding the best vape mod is difficult due to the thousands of options. Simple as that.There is good news though. Box Mod technology has come on in leaps and bounds, and as a result there are some top quality devices available to today’s vaper.

What Are The Best Vape Mods Available Today?

So you are on the hunt for a new vape mod but a little unsure of what to buy?

Well, we have 6 of the best box mods that are not only some of the best performers around but options to fit all types of vaper too.

1. Geekvape Aegis Legend (Reviewers Choice)

Best vape mod - Geekvape Aegis LegendThe Geekvape Aegis Legend certainly lives up to it’s name landing itself as one of the most hard wearing vape mods on the market today.

Shock proof, water proof and dust proof, the Legend makes for a long lasting device that will (and does) stand up to even the clumsiest of hands.

To go with these features the Aegis Legend is powered by 2 x replaceable 18650 batteries, has a power output upto 200W and features that will keep even the most advanced vaper busy.

To top it all off it looks the absolute business.. Look at it, it’s a beauty!


  • Waterproof / Shockproof
  • Great Design
  • Up To 200W
  • Powered by Replaceable 18650 Batteries
  • One of the most hardwearing mods on the market

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2. SMOK Morph 219 (Best SMOK Vape Mod)

SMOK morph - best touch screen box mod
It has to be said, SMOK devices have been hit and miss in the past but there is one thing for sure, SMOK are back with the Morph 219 mod.

This is a vape mod and a half! The feature that makes this box mod stand out from the crowd is of course the beautiful 1.9″ touch screen control panel.

It’s not all fur coat and no knickers, h no, the Morph is also a top performer. Firing up to 219W this device doesn’t skip a beat.

The kit is powered by 2 x 18650 batteries and can fit some big diameter tanks, up to 30mm.

If you are looking for a next level vape then the SMOK Morph is one of the best vape mods out there.


  • Beautiful, responsive 1.9″ touch screen control
  • Can accommodate tanks up to 30mm in diameter
  • 219W power output
  • Fits 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Packed with features
  • Designed and manufactured by the biggest brand in vaping

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3. Voopoo Drag 2 (Best Selling Vape Mod)

Best selling vape mod - voopoo drag 2The original Voopoo Drag was one of the surprises of the year when it was released. In a good way! It received rave reviews throughout the vaping community.

Thankfully, the Voopoo Drag 2 is even better and is one of the best selling vape mods of 2019.

It’s a classic boxy design that is comfortable in the hand and surprisingly compact. One side features a resin panel that really gives this an expensive look.

The mod fires upro 177W, plenty for 99% of vapers. Powered by the excellent Gene chip it fires in an instnat. The mod is powered by 2 x 18650 batteries.


  • High end resin panel
  • 177w of output power
  • Temperature control suite
  • Dual 18650 battery
  • One of the best selling mods

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4. Geekvape Aegis Mini (Best Integrated Battery Vape Mod)

Best integrated battery vape mod - Aegis MiniAnother Aegis means another waterproof and shockproof mod. This time we have the Geekvape Aegis Mini that features an integrated 2200mAh battery. So no messing around with buying replaceable batteries!

We love the form factor of the Aegis and with the mini version it really does a superb job at providing a stealthy vape. Fits in the palm of the hand perfectly.

Don’t let the small size fool you though, this mod is featured packed, should you need the extras.


  • Compact, portable vape mod
  • Integrated 2200mAh battery
  • Waterproof/Shockproof
  • 80w output power
  • Large, clear OLED screen

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5. SMOK Mag Grip (best Single Battery Vape Mod)

Best single battery vape mod - SMOK Mag gripIt may look kind of strange but the SMOK Mag Grip takes its design inspiration from a gun handle and believe me when I say this is the most comfortable vape mods I have ever held in my hand.

Not only that but it is, for us, one of the best vape mods that takes a single replaceable battery. It can fit 3 battery types, 20700/21700 and 18650 by using the supplied adapter.

Oh.. and keeping on the gun design the battery pops in and out of the base of the mod with a clip like action.

The Mag Grip is backed up by features! Powering up to 100W with the 21700 battery it performs as you would expect from a mod on our top rated list. The OLED screen that sits on top of the mod also looks the part. An overall great device and a personal favorite here at Ecigology.


  • Single replaceable battery – Takes 20700|21700 and 18650 battery types
  • Superb design – Most comfortable mod in the hand
  • 100w of output power
  • OLED screen

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6. OBS Cube (Best Vape Mod For beginners)

Best vape mod for beginners - obs cube 80wThere are a lot of vape mods for beginners and one of the best is the OBS Cube 80W.

Super simple to use, a huge integrated 3000mAh battery and super fast firing speed. This is is a pick up and play kind of mod.

It is compact enough to carry around in your pocket and it also looks the part, we all want a good looking box mod right?


  • Huge integrated 3000mAh battery capacity
  • 80w of output power
  • Compact
  • Great for beginners
  • Solid build quality and packed full of safety features

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So there is a look at 6 of the best vape mods to have come out recently! Have you got a favorite box mod? Let us know your picks in the comments below.

I've been vaping since 2010 and been cig free ever since. I have been through hundreds of products from cig-a-likes to TC mods and I've lost count of the e-liquids I've tried! Ecigology is here to help you make an informed decision. We know how difficult it can be to choose from all the options out there.


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