Best Vape pens 2016What Are The Best Vape Pens?

The humble starter kit has come a long way recently, and the first device that many new vapers encounter when switching over from cigarettes to vaping are the pen style devices, more commonly known as ‘vape pens’.

These days many Vape Pens offer a really solid and substantial vape, and they tend to be more robust than many of the older starter kits.

Some even rival the more expensive high end gear around!

There is a massive amount of choice on the market at present, and we have had a look around at the best vape pens on offer and listed them in this handy guide for you.

This guide has been split into sub ohm vape pens for the direct to lung vapers and the mouth to lung kits that many new users will find themselves starting on.

Let’s have a look at the vape pens we recommend in 2017.

Best Vape Pen Kits For Mouth To Lung (MTL) Vapers

Apollo Endeavor

Best vape pens for new usersThe Apollo Endeavor is designed as an all in one kit that is ideal for people making the switch to vaping, as you have everything you need in the kit to get going straight away.

One of the great things about this kit is that the included Apollo EVOD tank is compatible with Kanger Protank and Kanger EVOD coil heads, which are not only two of the best performing clearomizer heads available, but they are also two of the most popular as well, so the coil heads are not in short supply!

It really does include everything you need to get going, by purchasing the Apollo Endeavor directly through Apollo themselves you not only get the Endeavor battery itself, the Apollo EVOD tank and the USB charger, you also get a choice of two liquids as well, so you can get going straight away!

For the price, it offers great value for money as well as great performance.


  • Average price $39.95 – Use 20% coupon below for further savings
  • Includes 2 e juices – Choose from a number of flavors
  • Compatible with Kanger Protank and Kanger EVOD coil heads
  • 900 mAh battery
  • USB rechargeable

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Halo Triton Tank

Halo Triton Starter Kit
The Halo Triton tank kit is a small and stylish vape kit that actually comes with two Triton tank set ups, so you can keep vaping whilst one is charging!

You have a choice of 11 different colors for your Halo Triton Tank kit, and the batteries can be charged via USB. The Triton has a 2.4ml capacity and leak shield technology, and battery capacity varies from 400-1300 mAh depending on which option you decide to go for.

Halo offer a really good deal on this whereby you get two Triton tank set ups, as well as a USB charger and user manual, plus you get to choose a 30ml bottle of Halo juice, which is some of the best juice out there!


  • Average price $49.95
  • Available in 11 different colors
  • 30ml bottle of Halo E-liquid included
  • Battery capacity of 400 to 1300 mAh
  • 2.4ml tank capacity

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V2 Pro Series 3

What are the best vape pen kits
The V2 Pro Series 3 is a sleek 3 in 1 vaporizer pen, that is also able to vaporize dry herb and loose leaf tobacco, with an additional Loose Leaf Cartridge that is available separately.

It has interchangeable refillable cartridges that last around 15-20 refills before needing to be replaced, and is also charged via USB. It’s able to produce plenty of vapor to keep you satisfied, and delivers on the flavor front as well!

The V2 Pro Series 3 includes a V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer pen, USB charging lead, EU or UK wall adapter and a refillable e liquid cartridge. Additional e liquid cartridges are available separately as well as an optional loose leaf tobacco cartridge.


  • Average price $59.99
  • Refillable E Liquid cartridge included
  • 3 in 1 performance, can also be used for dry herb vaporizing and loose leaf tobacco (may require separate cartridge purchases)
  • 650 mAh battery
  • 1.6ml capacity

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Vaporfi Pro 3 Kit

Best Vape PensThe Vaporfi Pro 3 is an easy ‘plug and play’ vape pen device.

It features a top fill tank with easy swap coil system making it a beginner friendly kit to use.

There’s a 1000 mAh battery found here which means you will get plenty of vaping time with the included 2.0ohm atomizer heads, and the 2.5ml capacity should see the vast majority of users through a whole day before needing to be refilled.

It’s also available in a wide range of colors to suite your style.

You have a comprehensive kit here that includes everything you need to get going, there is a USB charger and wall plug included, replacement atomizer head (pre-installed), so everything needed to get up and running!

The Vaporfi Pro 3 is a very well made device that will make your initial investment very worthy indeed!


  • Top fill tank
  • Easy swap coil system
  • 2.5ml capacity
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • USB rechargeable

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Innokin Endura T22

Best vape pensThe Endura T22 is the bigger brother to the Endura T18, and it is aimed at those that would be using their kit quite heavily, with a 2000 mAh battery and 4.5ml tank capacity included within the kit.

It still has a 14w fixed output and takes the same 1.5ohm coils, but will last you much longer in between battery charges and tank fills than the T18 will!

Like the Endura T18, the Endura T22 kit offers great value for money, with the Endura T22 battery and tank included, as well as an extra 1.5ohm coil, charging cable, desk stand and user manual.

The coil heads included with the Innokin Endura T22 kit are the same as the ones that are included with the T18, these have an excellent lifespan as well, on average lasting over two weeks before needing replacing.


  • Average price $36.95
  • 14w fixed power output
  • 1.5ohm coil
  • No spill coil swap system
  • 2200 mAh battery

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Joyetech eGo AIO

Joyetech eGo AIO Vape Pen
Joyetech have manufactured one of the most visually striking kits in the form of the Ego Aio, and it also seems to have one eye on the upcoming TPD regulations in the UK, as it has a leak proof design and 2ml capacity, with a childproof lock fitted to the top cap.

You have adjustable airflow in place as well, and the battery outputs fixed power to the BF SS0.6ohm coil heads. There’s even an LED to illuminate the tank section so you can even see how much juice you have left in the dark!

The flavor from the Joyetech eGo Aio is right up there with the best kit around, and the price is also incredibly cheap as well.

It’s small and stunning, and not only is it a really impressive looker, it’s a stunning performer as well. The kit includes the Joyetech Ego Aio itself, 2 BF SS 0.6ohm coil heads, a plastic spiral mouthpiece, a spare clear mouthpiece, USB charging cable and user manual.


  • Average price $24.99
  • BF SS 0.6ohm coil heads
  • 2ml capacity
  • 1500mah battery
  • Stunning looks!

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Innokin Endura T18

Innokin Endura t18
Innokin have previous form in the starter kit market, being one of the largest manufacturers in the market, and the Endura series of vape pens are among the most flavorful you can buy.

The Endura T18 kit includes the Endura T18 battery, which has a fixed output of 14w and 1000 mAh of battery capacity, and you also have the T18 tank that provides an immensely flavorful mouth to lung vape from its 1.5ohm coil.

It’s easy to refill too, with a simple top fill system, and coils can be swapped out easily without any fuss or mess.

The Innokin Endura T18 kit offers great value for money, with the Endura T18 battery and tank included, as well as an extra 1.5ohm coil, charging cable, desk stand and user manual.

The coil heads included with the Innokin Endura T18 kit have an excellent lifespan as well, on average lasting over two weeks before needing replacing!


  • Average price $27.95
  • 14w fixed power output
  • 1.5ohm coil
  • No spill coil swap system
  • 1000 mAh battery lifespan

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Best Sub Ohm Vape Pen Kits (Direct Lung Inhale)

Vaporfi Vice

top rated vape pens
The Vaporfi Vice is a compact sub ohm vape pen powered by a 2200 mAh battery that has a variable output voltage of 3.4-4.2v and can fire resistance down to 0.5ohms. The Vice sub ohm tank has adjustable airflow, so you can close down or open up the airflow to be tailored to your style.

There is a 1.2ohm coil included for flavor vaping and a 0.5ohm coil if you just want to let off some clouds! A 2.5ml capacity tank will also see you through a heavy cloud chasing session.

The Vaporfi Vice pack includes all the kit you need to get chasing clouds, you just need to add juice! Included in the kit is the Vice Sub Ohm tank and a 2200 mAh battery, as well as a USB charger with wall adapter, and a 0.5ohm as well as a 1.2ohm coil head for the Vice sub ohm tank.


  • Average price $99.99
  • Sub ohm capable tank, 0.5ohm coil as well as 1.2ohm coils available
  • 2.5ml tank capacity
  • Adjustable airflow control valve
  • 2200 mAh battery

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Apollo OHM

Best vape pen kits
The Apollo Ohm Go kit features the 1900 mAh OHM battery and the Portal Tank, that features a 3ml capacity as well as 0.5ohm and 1ohm coils.

The OHM battery supplies a fixed power output to your coil, from 5-50w depending on the resistance of your coil, features a self adjusting 510 connector pin for a flush fit and no gaps with your atomizer, and has 1900 mAh of battery life to keep you blowing clouds throughout the day!

With the Apollo Ohm Go kit you have the aforementioned Ohm Battery and Portal tank, a 1ohm and 0.5ohm coil, as well as a USB charging cable and user manual.

It’s a great bit of kit for flavor as well as clouds, and the self adjusting battery regulates the power for you, so you just push the power button and enjoy a great vape!


  • Average price $39.99
  • 0.5ohm and 1ohm coils
  • 3ml tank capacity
  • 1900 mAh battery
  • USB charging

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Kanger Subvod

kanger subvod vape pen
Kanger are one of the biggest names in the industry, and the Kanger Subvod is one of the best vape pens around. It comes with a top fill version of the best selling Kanger Subtank, in the form of the Kanger Toptank Nano, and a 1300 mAh Kanger Subvod battery.

The Kanger Subvod battery carries enough battery life to see you through a good full day’s worth of vaping, and it has a fixed power output of 3.7v so you don’t need to mess around with power settings.

The included Kanger Toptank Nano is almost worth the price of this kit alone, with it being one of the best performing sub ohm tanks already.

It’s not just geared towards cloud chasing though, as Kanger have a huge range of different coil options available for this tank, with it consistently offering great flavor and outstanding, solid performance.

The kit includes both the Kanger Subvod battery and the Kanger Toptank Nano, you also have a user manual, 0.5ohm SSOCC coil and a USB cable for recharging on the move.


  • Average price $39.99
  • Takes Kanger OCC coil heads (comes with the 0.5ohm SSOCC Stainless Steel coil head)
  • 3.2ml tank capacity
  • 1300mah battery
  • USB Charging

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Vaporfi Edge

Best rated vape pen
The Vaporfi Edge is another sub ohm vape pen from the Vaporfi guys, and this is a more advanced sub ohm tank that would be more suited to those with more experience with these types of units.

It has been designed to offer a cloud chasing sub ohm experience with more of a simple operation, and it can output up to a massive 100w.

The Vaporfi Edge has an integrated 1800 mAh battery, which will need regular recharging via the USB charger, and there is a 7ml tank capacity to last you some heavy cloud chasing sessions. Coil heads are available in 0.5ohm and 0.2ohm resistances.

The Vaporfi Edge really is a serious bit of kit in a simplified package. The draw is very airy, producing a vast amount of vapor, and the Vaporfi Edge is definitely one for the cloud chasers!


  • Average Price $129.99
  • Sub ohm capable, 0.5ohm and 0.2ohm atomizer heads
  • Huge 7ml tank capacity
  • Adjustable juice flow control
  • 1800 mAh battery

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So there you have our best vape pens for 2016. All offer an excellent option for those making the switch from cigarettes, or even a hassle free vape for those more experienced vapers.
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cig free ever since. I have been through hundreds of products from cig-a-likes to TC mods and I've lost count of the e-liquids I've tried! Ecigology is here to help you make an informed decision. We know how difficult it can be to choose from all the options out there.


  1. The V2 Pro series 3 ceramic cart is the best yet. Amazing flavor and vapor. I had to order a bunch more of these so I could use different flavors. I even have a few set aside for mixed juices. Highly recommend.


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