Black Note E Liquids – Tobacco E Juice That Really Hits The Mark?

Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco liquids have created quite a buzz around the industry this year, with many proclaiming them to be the best and most realistic tobacco juices around.

Black Note only produce tobacco flavored liquids, and aim to provide a true tobacco experience by using their cold maceration process to extract the true tobacco essence from each individual tobacco leaf. The end result is true tobacco flavor, delivered smoothly to your palate.

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What is Naturally Extracted Tobacco?

Naturally Extracted Tobacco ELiquids attempt to do what other tobacco ELiquids cannot do, and that is capture the true essence of individual tobacco flavors that are enjoyed by tobacco connoisseurs around the world.

what is black note eliquid

Rather than using artificial tobacco flavorings mixed with PG and VG to create a tobacco ELiquid, Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco gets its flavoring from individual tobacco leaves that have been carefully selected for their flavor profiles, and a cold maceration process is used to extract the tobacco flavor from the leaf.

Packaging and Labeling

Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco is presented quite unlike any other ELiquid on the market.

Just by looking at the bottle, you can tell these are premium juices, and these have outstanding presentation with a musical theme to them.Black Note Review

You really do feel like you are purchasing a high end or premium product. The juices are found within child safe glass dropper bottles that are packaged in a cardboard cylinder, and you will see a description on the side of the bottle of each individual juice.

Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco liquids are available in 30ml bottle sizes. If you wish to get a feel for each flavor available within the range, you can purchase the Notebook, which features a 7ml sample of each flavor from the range.

Production process

An extensive and unique process is used to create Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco.

To begin with, individual tobacco seeds are carefully selected, bred and cross bred a year before the tobacco crop is even grown to ensure only the healthiest cross-bred tobacco variety is produced.

Only the very best tobacco seeds make it through to the next step, and are planted in fertile soil with very precise growing conditions, and are given the utmost care during the growing process.

The leaves are then harvested once fully matured, and cured and dried in specially constructed barns. Each leaf is then either sun cured, air cured, flue cured or fire cured depending on their variety, whilst being constantly supervised to guarantee the note eliquid review

After this, the leaves are fully moistened in specialist moistening chambers and then sorted into grades depending on their quality and size.

Only the top 50% make it through to the conditioning and aging process. The leaves are fully dried by air, then allowed to reach an optimal moisture level before being left to age and develop a broad spectrum of flavors and aromas.

The cold maceration process is then brought in, which begins with a 6 to 8 week steep to create to most delicate tobacco flavor, and a softer nuanced extract to preserve the signature flavor notes of each blend.

The cold maceration process protects against bitterness and harshness to deliver a smooth vape with no harsh throat hit.

Next the filtering process is brought in, which removes any and all impurities from each blend to leave behind a contaminant free, pure eliquid. This process takes place in a state of the art laboratory supervised by in house chemists, who supervise the extraction, filtering, mixing and quality control.

Finally each juice is bottled into Black Note’s signature pure glass bottles, which are then inserted into a cylindrical outer package to protect against light exposure ready to be put on sale.

Mix Ratio and Nicotine Strengths

Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco liquids are all mixed to a 50PG 50VG ratio, and nicotine strengths available are zero, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg.

It’s worth noting that these ELiquids are lab certified as diacetyl free, and the testing reports are available for anyone to inspect.

Black Note E Liquid Review

black note adagio reviewAdagio

Adagio is an ELiquid best suited to the ex cigar smoker, Adagio features flavoring extracted from genuine Havana tobacco leaves to provide an experience reminiscent of a true Cuban cigar, right down to the smell.

It has a pretty strong throat hit as well, one of the strongest liquids in the Black Note range, and there is a hint of natural sugar in the background as well.

Despite the throat hit, flavor delivery is very smooth and it is an ideal evening vape!

black note bravura review


Bravura is a Perique tobacco, which is air cured and naturally fermented, Perique tobacco is regarded as one of the finest tobaccos in the world and a tobacco savored by pipe smokers.

It is a dark and deep tobacco, which has very earthy undertones, it is a strong vape as well so perhaps one that is best suited to more experienced tobacco enthusiasts!

The throat hit is even stronger with Bravura than with Adagio, it has a real kick to it.

black note cadenza review


Cadenza is a Basma tobacco that certain tobacco experts consider to be the most aromatic tobacco available.

It’s grown exclusively in a specific northeastern area of Greece and has the nickname of the King of Tobaccos.

It is a drier vape, that carries notes of cinnamon and spices in the background, and its an exceedingly delicious vape that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

black note forte review


Another Burley tobacco, Forte is one not for the faint of heart- it is strong and carries plenty of throat hit to match.

It’s very earthy which may well draw upon its origins of the tobacco leaf being grown and cultivated in volcanic soil, then air dried in Italian sun.

The exhale is dry but retains a woody crispness, it’s a tantalizing juice that is sure to have you coming back for more.

black note legato reviewLegato

Based on an Italian Kentucky tobacco strain, that is flue cured to release the best aromas and flavors from the leaf.

Legato is a smooth yet strong liquid that has the taste of authentic tobacco leaf, with a bit of clove mixed in and a dry roasted nut undertone.

I picked up some sweetness on the exhale, which just perfectly compliments the dry tobacco.

blacknote prelude review


A Virginia blend, Prelude is a juice that is best suited for those that used to smoke roll up tobacco cigarettes.

It retains that authentic rolled tobacco taste, however it’s a lot smoother and the throat hit is not quite as harsh either!

Prelude is one that could easily be enjoyed all day, a real easy going vape that is big on flavor.

black note solo reviewSolo

Solo is a menthol blend that is produced by blending fine Virginia tobacco with natural menthol oils.

The end result is an ideal palate refresher, a very smooth Virginia tobacco inhale with a refreshing blast of menthol coming in.

This not only refreshes the palate but makes for a nice smooth vape that is enjoyed throughout the day.

black note sonata reviewSonata

Sonata is a dark Cavendish blend, that has a dark and deep tobacco flavor but plenty of natural sweetness arising from the Cavendish blend itself.

It’s earthy and sweet, however I did find it to be quite heavy going on my builds, with the natural sugars gunking up on my coils, and I took to vaping this in an RDA as I did require regular wick changes.

That being said, the combination of earthy tobacco and natural sweetness really is delicious, and I found this to be a perfect after dinner vape.

Black note Encore ReviewEncore

Encore, an isfahani blend, is the newest addition to the Black Note e liquid range and maybe one of the most complex.

This is a sweeter tobacco, that still carries a bold, robust tobacco flavor.

For me, Encore isn’t overly sweet. I found this was a nice touch on the exhale that controls any harshness from the tobacco without overpowering it.

There are also other complex notes that hit the tongue to make for a slight aromatic addition to the overall flavor.

If you like a slightly sweet, smoother edge to your tobacco vapes then Encore could be a great choice.

Final Black Note E Juice Review Verdict

I truly believe that Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco ELiquids are the very best tobacco ELiquids that money can buy.

From the bottle presentation right down to the supremely authentic taste, the attention to detail and quality of these liquids stand head and shoulders above anything else available on the market to date.

The flavor from these is absolutely exceptional, with the added bonus that they are much cleaner than other tobacco juices and do not gunk your coils up quickly like many other tobacco e juices do.

You may look at the price and think these are a little on the steep side, however in my opinion it is worth every penny.

It is the equivalent of purchasing a fine wine or a vintage cigar, these are premium liquids designed to be savored and experienced, rather than vaped constantly as an all day vape.

You will find taking your time to sit back and enjoy this will be an immensely rewarding experience, and your investment will be very well rewarded!

Product Availability

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