The King of E Cigars or a Pretender to the Crown?

Someone once said “there are no bad cigars…only better ones…”

As some who still absolutely adores the occasional good cigar – slap my vaping wrist – I have tried very many e-cigars and indeed cigar flavored e-liquids.

But none have quite hit the spot and it’s fair to say some have been downright bloody awful.E Cigar King Reviewed

However on receiving the E Cigar King Starter Kit from Vapor4Life and opening up the box, my first thought was ‘where’s my smoking jacket’ and the second being ‘pass the brandy.’
So once I’d got over the awesome packaging did the E Cigar King deserve its crown?
Let’s have a look.

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In The Box

  • 1 Electronic Cigar Battery
  • 1 USB Wall Adapter
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 USB Car Adapter
  • 3 Prefilled Electronic Cigar Flavors (Ligero, Maduro, Cubana Blend)
  • There’s a choice of colors black and ‘cigar’. I received the cigar and have to say it looks pretty good.E Cigar King Kit

Key Features

First up we have to talk about the packaging – it is outstanding.
It’s your typical sized cigar box but not only does it look great – it feels great too.

You just know handling it that this is a quality product and that’s before you open up the box!E Cigar King Accessories

Inside the contents are laid out smartly and everything is wrapped and in boxes.

The kit comes with x3 flavors and my battery had enough juice to get cigar vaping straight away.

These cartomizers come with medical quality silicone mouthpieces and can be refilled the company says up to 12 times.

I’m pleased to have received the ‘cigar’ color as that only adds to the authenticity.

Speaking of authenticity, the inclusion of the authentication card is a nice touch saying you are holding one of a limited edition of 5000 inaugural cigar boxes.

The product information guide is extremely well done however the kit is so self-explanatory I’d be surprised if anyone needed the instructions.

Stlye & Build Quality

I can’t tell you what a joy it is to hold this e-cigar in your hand, it simply oozes quality and class with all the machined parts fitting together snugly.

It has a good weight and in your mouth it feels like you really are chomping down on a real nice big ‘stogie’.E Cigar King Review

The logo and design follows through even to the wall and car charger. Given I’m in the UK I had no problem using our three pin adaptor and the battery charged super-fast.

How Does the E Cigar King Starter Kit Perform?

Like a dream.

Even though I’ve been vaping for just over four years now, I have to confess to enjoying a decent cigar every now and then – and as Bill Clinton once said I don’t inhale so that doesn’t count right? But that’s enough about Bill and his cigars lol.

From your first puff you really do feel as though you are smoking a good cigar. The vapor production is tremendous – my room was quickly filled with a lovely smoky haze reminiscent of great nights out but without that clinging cloying harsh tobacco after-smell.E Cigar King battery and Performance

I tried all three pre-filled cartomizers and even the 0% had a nice kick to it.

When smoking a cigar I tend to mix inhaling and not inhaling if you catch my drift. I inhaled the 1.8% and despite some reviews I’ve seen out there saying the throat hit was ‘harsh’ I have to say and as an experienced cigar smoker – I would describe the hit as frighteningly like the real thing!

I cannot begin to tell you how close the flavors of a good cigar are produced by this kit – look at the reviews and they agree – it is uncanny!

I managed to get just short of five hours’ worth of smoking out of one cartomizer which I reckon is around 4 to 5 cigars – so price wise this is a no brainer.

Having emptied it I found the re-filling as easy as pie. Unscrew the mouthpiece and drip in your juice and you’re good to go.

As for operating this beauty, simply charge and vape – the battery – which lasts for ever it seemed- takes care of everything meaning all you need to do is sit back and enjoy a good cigar without the hassle.

What I Like

The presentation is first class – this is quality from the box to the logos on the chargers.

The cigar color looks like the real thing from a distance and close up and the fact you can re-fill the cartomizers is a real bonus.

The three e-cigar flavored e-liquids included with the kit are outstanding and as close to the real thing as I have ever come – they taste amazing and give out seriously good vapor.

If you were to receive this as a gift – I’m thinking Christmas around the corner – you would be absolutely delighted.

What I Don’t Like

The only thing I can think of is I’m annoyed I didn’t come across the E Cigar King sooner!

Final Review Verdict

Close but no cigar?

Nope – you get the cigar and then some!

This is a seriously good piece of kit. From the packaging to the e-cigar itself – this is quality with a capital Q.

I’ve tried very many e-cigars and none are a patch on this one.

If you love cigars or are looking to get a cigar smoking aficionado off the tobacco and into the world of e-cigs and vaping – then the E Cigar King is most definitely a starter kit they should try.


  • Superb design
  • Outstanding packaging
  • X3 Cigar flavors
  • Battery lasts an age
  • As close to smoking a cigar you can get


  • None

Product Availability - Free Shipping

Build Quality
Ease of Use
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cig free ever since. I have been through hundreds of products from cig-a-likes to TC mods and I've lost count of the e-liquids I've tried! Ecigology is here to help you make an informed decision. We know how difficult it can be to choose from all the options out there.


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