Heard of Induction heating before? It’s really simple and surprisingly effective. It is a non-contact heating process that uses high frequency to heat materials. This is the same process that our top vaporizer pick of the week uses.

The Loto Lux

With a name that sounds like you have just won the lottery, a vaporizer that works without any form of physical contact between electrical components, is what the Loto Lux offers.

Along with high quality engineering in its heating element, which means better flavor with dry herbs, concentrates and e-liquids. This vape pen is Bluetooth enabled and comes with a smartphone app that allows you control its temperature and other features.

These settings give you endless possibilities to experiment with for your vaping pleasure. It’s design gives you a blend of smoking from an old school pipe while still managing to look like a futuristic hand held device.

Its capsules are easily reusable and swappable, allowing you change your smoking pleasure. You can also save flavor profiles through the mobile app to get back to a flavor you really liked. It comes with one glass capsule for herbs, another for liquids, one for concentrates, a battery charger and two rechargeable batteries.

“Vaping has become a standard practice as opposed to smoking and we intend on making that practice a very memorable, enjoyable and discreet one,” says Christian Edgerton The creative engineer over at Loto Labs with a smile and a wink.

To think that the world’s first induction vaporizer gained success through a crowdfunded campaign is quite impressive, Loto labs the producer of our top pick; the Loto Lux have really delivered on this one.

Western World E-Liquid

If you are not a fan of whiskey, then this one is not for you.

However if you love to enjoy the savvy taste of a glass of Uncle Jack or any other whiskey of your preference with a few ice cubes, then Western World high quality e-liquid is the way to go. One puff of this from your vape pen and you feel almost as if you are having a real glass of whiskey after you inhale the vapor.

Made with the right blend of ingredients from Texas. It has a smooth and settling feel to it, not too strong but rather rich in content. It is consistent unlike some other e-juices, which make you feel like you need to take more puffs from your vape pen before getting an actual hit to give you a rush.

You feel the impact of this e-liquid as you exhale making you more relaxed until you’re ready to take another swing at it. We recommend having this as a compliment to your Loto Lux Vaporizer.

Alternate Cig Vapor

For those who prefer just the taste of vapor liquid as opposed to nicotine, dry herbs or concentrated waxes, then Alternate Cig Vapor is the way forward. They currently carry eight different liquids under their belt.

Made in their USA office, they do produce a few flavors that contain nicotine (6, 12, 18 and 24) mg per ml. The liquids come in well-sealed packs with childproof caps and both the bottles and the dippers are of nice quality.

The vapor production is great and you really get the taste of the flavor upon inhaling and exhaling, it is not harsh on your throat either unlike some other vapor flavors and never fails to leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth.


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