Halo E Juice Range Reviewed

I went on a binge last week and picked up a ton of juices from all sorts of different vendors in an effort to find something worthy of a shining review to post for you folks.

By the way, if you are a tobacco e liquid fan then check out our Black Note review, that juice is impressive.

OK, back to the Halo e juice review!

Halo (Also known as Halo Purity) is one of the biggest and most well known ELiquid brands in the American market. They are also starting to make inroads into markets around the world, with many retailers in the United Kingdom and beyond now starting to stock their ejuice range.

Halo E juice Review

Their juices are well known for their commitment to providing clean and tasty juice, which is m

ade from the finest quality ingredients available that are traceable and certified as free of potentially dangerous ingredients.

Halo have a huge range of different e liquids so we are going to have a look at a few different flavors from across the range, with my thoughts on a selection of six of these below-

Halo e juice reviews are mixed and it was a complete shot in the dark. We went for it however, and bought one of almost every flavor they sell…

Product Availability

Packaging and Labeling

Halo Purity juices are packaged in child safe glass dropper bottles, with labeling that provides the required safety warnings and information, as well as the Halo Purity logo and the flavor.

The bottles are a rather attractive blue color with white childproof caps. Bottle sizes in the Halo Purity range are available in 7ml, 15ml and 30ml.

Production Process

Halo Purity juices are produced within their own purpose built facility in the United States, in a sterile lab and clean room environment, and production is overseen by trained expert chemists who handle everything from the mixing stage right through the quality control.Halo E Liquid review

The ELiquids themselves are produced from traceable and approved US based suppliers, with pharmacopeia grade 99% pure nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin used within.

All of the flavorings used in their mixes are tested for diacetyl and acetyl proponyl, and only Food and Extracts Association approved flavorings are used to create each juice.

Every juice is steeped correctly so that it is ready to be vaped upon arrival with no additional steeping required, and each batch is subject to strict quality control testing to ensure only the best juice goes on sale that is certified as safe to vape.

Mix Ratio and Nicotine Strengths

The exact mix ratio of Halo Purity juice remains a closely guarded secret and no one outside of the Halo stable truly knows what the exact mix ratio is, however there is an option to choose a 75% VG mix ratio when purchasing certain flavors from the Halo Purity range.

Nicotine strengths are available in zero, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg.

Halo Longhorn E Juice

Halo Lohghorn ReviewA sweet tobacco juice that tickles the taste buds

The review is focused on their “Longhorn” juice, which is a tobacco flavor.

Out of all the juices we purchased, this one is up there with my favorites.

It’s a sweet, aromatic, pipe tobacco type of flavor that is delicious but not overpowering.

In fact, I wasn’t a huge fan of it when it first arrived, but it has become one of my all day vapes lately after letting the flavors develop for a bit in the closet.

Many of the pipe tobaccos that I’ve tried have a weird twinge to them that make them hard to vape on for more than a day at a time.

With this juice I can refill tank after tank and seemingly never get tired of it. I’m about 15ml deep at this point and every time I refill I seem to enjoy it a little more than the last time.

Vapor production is strong, flavor is spot-on, and the quality of the juice appears to be very good. So far, this juice hasn’t clogged my atty at all, or even left any residue on it that make it vape any worse.

I’m guessing that Halo uses a fairly high percentage of PG in their juices, since the viscosity is fairly thin, and the flavor is as rich as it is, but it still seems to produce plenty of vapor (unlike many PG heavy juices I’ve tried).

When you boil it all down, this is a juice for people who enjoy pipe tobacco.

It is VERY similar to many of the sweet or semi-sweet tobaccos that I used to smoke in a pipe back in the day, and is a soothing and enjoyable vape. I actually found letting this steep for a week or so really helps it fully develop.

With all that said, this juice has my stamp of approval. Highly recommended.

Halo Turkish Tobacco E juice

Halo Turkish Tobacco ReviewKind of funky…

Alright, I’m going to start with the fact that I don’t love this juice, but a friend of mine really likes it. He does, however, tend to like things on the funkier side… He likes pickled eggs, and vinegar on peanut butter sandwiches…. I’m just saying.

So, alas, here we are, I got tasked with reviewing this juice, and he did not.

Typically a lot of people try to put some kind of exotic spin on the Turkish tobacco flavor. I have had Turkish tobacco that tasted like black licorice all the way to citrus.

It’s apparently a large spectrum up for creative interpretation.

This juice seems to not be any different. While better than most, it still has got too much funk for me.

This juice tastes like Nag Champa incense, or at least the smell of the incense. It is strong and heady, with a very perfume like flavor. I do not prefer anything to taste like this that I vape, although I do like the scent of it.

There are notes of cedar, but mostly the sandalwood type fragrance and a light tobacco. It is very sweet on the tip of your tongue when you exhale.

This juice has a good throat hit. I would say for a tobacco its almost strong enough, but because of the other flavors it leaves me slightly confused to what the throat hit should be… I would rate it as a solid throat hit though.

I think that the consistency of this juice is great. It is perfect for all around usage in vape tanks and drippers.

To me the saving grace of this juice is the performance. With any good juice manufacturer you will have the quality to fall back on. It will produce good vapor, and will feel right.

This juice definitely has those aspects. The flavor is not great for my personal tastes, and I’m a fan of tobacco juices, I just found it can be a little overwhelming.

To sum it up, it is a very fragrant juice that tastes like incense and tobacco, but produces a good vape.

halo tribeca eliquid reviewTribeca

Tribeca is an RY4 style vape from Halo Purity, that has a delicious vanilla tobacco on the inhale, and a caramel exhale that seems to have a hint of chocolate to round it off.

It’s a super smooth vape as well, definitely all day vape material, and it has enough complexity to keep your taste buds going.

By varying the power settings on your device of choice, different layers to this juice take centre stage, and allow you to experience different combinations of what, for me, is one of the best RY4 vapes available.

halo-kringles curse eliquid reviewKringles Curse

Kringles Curse is a juice fans of very strong menthol will get on well with.

It’s like standard menthol with the dial turned up to 10, one that really refreshes your taste-buds and gets you going!

It’s almost akin to a hit of strong mouthwash, a wintry and icy blast of menthol washing over to you as you inhale, and it has a real bite too with bags of throat hit.

I suppose mouthwash isn’t making it sound too appetizing but I’m sure you get what I’m saying!

halo sub zero eliquid reviewSub Zero

Sub Zero is a menthol liquid that has triple the strength of the other menthol juices that Halo produced.

It’s a straightforward and no nonsense hit of menthol, very minty and very strong, and a little bit of sweetness on the exhale.

If vapers tongue has been getting the better of you recently, Sub Zero is an ideal juice to blast it away in no time at all.

halo belgian cocoa eliquid reviewBelgian Cocoa

In my opinion, Belgian Cocoa captures the true essence of an actual cup of cocoa, right down to the texture and the thick chocolatey aftertaste that lingers around on your tongue.

The chocolate on the inhale is reminiscent of warm dark chocolate, and in my opinion this e liquid performs best when it is warm, with wattages higher than 30 watts really bringing out the best in this juice.

It is a true winter warmer that captures the authentic taste of actual cocoa.

halo malibu eliquid reviewMalibu

As the name may suggest, Malibu is based on the popular Pina Colada cocktail, and it’s quite possibly the closest an ELiquid has got to replicating the actual drink itself!

Like the cocktail, the most dominant flavor in this juice is coconut, which is present from start to finish.

Pineapple creeps in on the exhale with plenty of sweetness, and a cooling menthol exhale that really adds to the experience.

Get your shades out and your flip flops on, this is the juice to enjoy in the sunshine.

Final Halo E Juice Review Verdict

Halo Purity juices offer some of the most realistic flavors available at the moment, as well as being incredibly smooth as well.

The taste matched the descriptions of these juices, and the quality of these is among the best juices I have tried. Apart from the Turkish Tobacco, which didn’t float my boat, they were all impressive.

There is a wide and varied selection to look at with the Halo Purity range, we have only looked at a small selection of their juices in this review, but Halo have a huge range full of flavors that will appeal to just about anyone.

They are one of the most popular ELiquid providers in the USA for a very good reason, they provide some of the best juice around in my opinion.

Product Availability

Halo Longhorn
Halo Turkish
Kringles Curse
Sub Zero
Belgian Cocoa
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