This Halo G6 review will give users new to the product (and perhaps, users new to the world of e-cigs) a broad view into the pros and cons of the G6.

We also hope to fill in the gaps for you regarding the G6’s features and whether it’s the right e-cig for you.Halo G6 Review

Halo Cigs, best known for their e-liquids (check out our Halo E-Juice review here) have developed the Halo G6 as their flagship e-cigarette.

Halo, as a brand, focus on just a handful of products aimed at the various stages of a vapers journey.

The G6 is Halo’s entry level product aimed to make an easy and familiar transition into the world of vaping.

Let’s take a closer look with our hands on review.

Product Availability

In The Halo G6 Starter Kit

Now for some of the basics:

The Halo G6 Starter Kit comes fully equipped with the following:

  • 5 X Pre-Filled Cartridges (your choice of flavor and nicotine) or 5 Blank Cartomizers
  • 2 X Automatic E Cig batteries
  • Embossed Carry Case
  • USB charger and wall adapter.

Halo G6 Build Quality & Design

The e-cig itself has a two-piece design, with the parts screwing together. There are four holes, for air flow, on the top of the cartridge. The visible part of the battery lights up when you take a drag on the e cig.

The battery itself (white version) has been designed to replicate that of a real cigarette complete with faux rings.halo-g6-ecig-kit-review

Halo Cigs have a varied offering when it comes to choosing the look of their starter kit. When it comes to buying blank cartomizers you can buy the filter style design.

When it comes to choosing blank cartomizers you can buy the filter style design as well, just keep in mind they are not pre-filled with e liquid.

The Halo G6 is very good quality and feels solid in the hand. Very well put together.

As far as customization possibilities, the Halo G6 comes with nine color options. You can go as traditional as you like, with, for example, the Classic White (designed with cigarette-style faux rings) or you can go funkier, with Demon Red, Electric Lime, or Midnight Blue.

There is even a pink battery.Halo G6 Battery Options

The variety of color options add to the sleek design of the overall product, allowing you to pretty much design your own e cig.

There isn’t much else to add in terms of build and design. It’s up there with the best in terms of quality. Halo also add a carry case to the kit which is handy for keeping one full e cig and spare cartomizers

Halo also add a carry case to the kit which is handy for keeping one e cig battery, USB charger and 3 spare cartomizers when moving around.Halo G6 Carry Case

How Does The Halo G6 Battery Perform?

For the battery, the G6 kit comes with the 280 mAh capacity, automatic as standard.

You can buy manual batteries as an extra, which isn’t a bad idea as you can never have enough batteries in rotation with cig-a-like kits.

Not only do you have a choice from the 9 colors and manual battery but you will also have a choice of 3 battery capacities. The 180 mAH (65mm), 280 mAh (78mm) and 380 mAh (102mm).How Does The Halo G6 Perform?

It goes without saying that the longer the battery the better the life. If you are a heavy smoker I would recommend steering clear of the 180 mAh battery as you will find constant re-charging is needed.

I would urge you to add at least one larger 380 mAh battery to your order though for the times when you need that little extra life.

One thing you will find with mini e cig batteries is that you need to get into the habit of rotation. Always having one battery charging. For the extra $9 I would add a third to the kit.

The 2 X 280 mAh batteries that come as standard just about got me through a full day of moderate vaping.

Charging the device is relatively speedy, taking just over two hours to get back to a full-charge after being completely drained.

Flavor & Vapor Volume

Halo-G6 prefilled cartomizers flavorsThe Halo G6 cartomizer flavors are superb overall. The vapor production is good, maybe not quite on a par with the likes of V2 Cigs but respectable all the same.

As far as flavor, for new vapers stating on the pre-filled cartomizers is a good place to start. Once you are comfortable and have found your preferred flavor then I would recommend moving onto cartridges that you can fill yourself.

Of course not everyone wants to mess about with re-filling, so if this is you, just skip the blank carts.

The four tobacco options for the cartridges are Torque56, Tribeca, Prime15 and Turkish Tobacco.

Nicotine Levels

The Halo G6 also offers four different nicotine levels:

  • Zero (0mg)
  • low (6mg)
  • medium (12mg)
  • high (18mg)
  • XHigh (24 mg)

They cover all options for vapers at various stages. A must if you are looking to gradually reduce your nicotine intake.


halo tribeca cartomizerNow this is a very nice tobacco flavor.

A smooth vape with a touch of caramel and vanilla adding a slightly sweet edge.

By far my favorite tobacco e-juice Halo offer.

Turkishhalo turkish tobacco

Another smooth vape with a hint of sweetness.

Turkish is a mild tobacco flavor that I easily used as an all day vape. Second only to Tribeca as my top pick tobacco flavor.

Second only to Tribeca as my top pick tobacco flavor.

halo g6 torque56 cartomizerTorque56

Torque56 is halo’s unfiltered tobacco flavor. This is said by many to be the closest to the real thing.

For me this tobacco flavor was a little too strong in terms of throat hit. I prefer a smoother vape.

As for replicating tobacco, well it depends what you smoke, for me it did a good job. Overall wasn’t my personal favorite and not a juice I could vape all day.

Prime15halo prime15 cartomizer

I didn’t get on well with this one at all.

There are a few flavor notes going on here with chocolate and nut undertones.

The final result was a kind of stale cigarette taste with a not so pleasent lingering aroma!

Not painting a great picture of this. I know. As you may have guessed I didn’t like this flavor. Can’t all be winners right?

There are two options for menthol smokers (Menthol Ice and HX3). Menthol Ice is a good choice, as it does have a menthol-specific taste, but is not overpowering.

The final two options are Malibu, executed very well with its drink-inspired flavor, and Belgian Cocoa. The latter of which worked surprisingly well for me as I’m not generally a fan of chocolate inspired vapes.

As always, my flavor profile may not fit with yours. So use the above flavor review as guidance. Choosing flavors to vape is part of the journey, and one I personally really enjoy. You may take a few tries to hit the bullseye.

Refill prices for a pack of 5 cartomizers is $9.99. As with most products in the Halo range they offer a discount with bulk buys.

Take The Halo G6 To Another level With Cartomizer/Tank Options

G6 Mini Tanks

Halo G6 mini TanksThe G6 mini tanks are, for me, a great addition to the G6 mini e cig. In fact, if refilling with your own e juice is something you are considering then I would say they are must have.

Again they are ‘extras’ so they can be tried later on. The flavor and vapor volume is excellent with these tanks.

The tanks are priced at $3.99 each.

Low Resistance Cartomizers

Halo G6 Low Resistance Cartomizers
These cartomizers give you a chance to experience a vape at a slightly higher temperature. The results are a deeper flavor and increased cloud production. Definitely worth trying although these will drain your batteries quicker and drink your e juice that little bit quicker.

They cost $8.99 for a pack of 5.

Blank Cartomizers

Halo G6 Blank CartomizersNot as good performance wise as the G6 Mini tanks but still a great option to have. Again, available to buy separately, they give you an option to use any e liquid of your choosing and refill your cartomizers multiple times.

They are simple to fill, just remove the bung cap and drip 15 or so drops into the cotton filler material. Take your time with this and resist the urge to overfill!refilling cartomizer

You can flood the cartomizer this way, although it can be easily rectified by blowing through the top of the cartomizer onto a paper towel. This will get eject any excess juice.

XL cartomizers are also an option that hold 1.5ml of e liquid. If you vape a lot and don’t want to refill constantly these are an extra to consider. Keep in mind that they will increase the overall length of your e cigarette.

Blanks are priced at $5.99 for 5 with discounts for multiple purchases.

Final Halo G6 Review Verdict

Overall, the G6 does a great job and for $49.99 does it at a very reasonable price. The build quality is very good and the performance impressive for a cig-a-like.

This is also down to the various extras that you can add on to the product to improve your vaping experience.

It isn’t going to satisfy the more experienced vaper but if you are new to e cigs and looking for a ‘cig-a-like’ product then this is as good starting point.


  • Build quality very good
  • Highly customizeable
  • Easy to use ‘out of the box’
  • Plenty of good flavor options
  • Can use blank cartomizers in which you can fill with your own e juice
  • Various cartomizer options available for different vaping experiences


  • No PCC option available

Product Availability

Build Quality
Vapor Volume
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cig free ever since. I have been through hundreds of products from cig-a-likes to TC mods and I've lost count of the e-liquids I've tried! Ecigology is here to help you make an informed decision. We know how difficult it can be to choose from all the options out there.


  1. Hullo, I have become very frustrated trying to buy, on line, a Halo G6 in Australia. Jostech is supposed to have everything and be good service but I can’t get on their site (dodgy) can’t find reviews on them and yellow pages dose n’t list them. Other sites don’t have Halo e-cigarettes just the vapes or they are not in stock and don’t do Paypal. I live in the country (S.A)and just want to buy a Halo G6!!!
    Yours is one of the easiest to navigate and impressive sites out of 2 weeks of searching, which is why I am writing this.


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