joyetech atopack penguinIntroduction – The Atopack Penguin Refillable Pod Mod By Joyetech

I’m not going to lie…I took one look at the Atopack Penguin from Joyetech and thought “that obviously isn’t going to cut it.” It looks a little bit like an asthma inhaler of some kind, ergonomically designed, to be fair but the looks are just nowhere near the realm of any vape device you’ve laid eyes on. It doesn’t look like it packs a punch but, as you’ll soon find out, it does.

Joyetech is a staple Shenzhen vaping giant, producing affordable vape gear for cross over vapers and medium level vapers and they’ve added some classics to the Book of Vapes, like the eGo AIO Box and the Cuboid Pro. For me, I’ve not yet found a Joyetech product that I think is really special…until now, sort of. Pod mods aren’t my thing and I’m not saying that I’m personally going to be vaping this thing every day but I can see how this product, as a crossover product for beginners, can really be a winner.

It combines the AIO convenience of the pod mod with sub-ohm skills, extended battery life and a whopping 8.8ml refillable cartridge system to provide a hassle free, very ergonomic vape that really isn’t half bad! A new and innovative coil system and features all of its own, here’s why the Attack Penguin is going to make the perfect Christmas gift for all the smokers in your life, this year…

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Atopack Penguin Battery
  • 3 X Atopack Cartridge
  • 3 X PG1 0.6Ohm MTL Coil heads
  • 3 X PG2 0.25 Ohm DL Coil Heads
  • 1 X QC USB Cable
  • 1 X User Manual and Warranty Card

joyetech atopack penguin box contentsFeatures

  • 26.5mm x 52.0mm x 102.5mm
  • 139.5g
  • 50W Max Output
  • 8,8 and 2ml Variants
  • 2000 mAh Battery
  • 2A Charge
  • Available in White, Silver, Black, Red and Blue
  • Modular Design

joyetech atopack penguin configuration

Build Quality & Design

Well, first things first, I was impressed by the generous addition of 6 coil heads and 3 cartridges with my kit. Looking at the device through the clear plastic box cover, I can see why it’s called the penguin, especially since I got the white version.

The device consists of a 2000 mAh battery section, zinc alloy constructed, with a black plastic panel with curved edges that runs from half way up the curved side of the battery to meet with the mouth piece, which has that same black plastic finish.

The panel on the curved side features a micro USB port for 2A recharging with a row of five LED battery indicators above that…above that is a big thumb sized fire button.

joyetech atopack penguinAbove the fire you’ll see an airflow hole, directly above a seam, which marks the edge of the mouthpiece, which slides out to reveal the cartridge (the mouth piece is essentially part of the cartridge).

The cartridge is a Silicon/PETG 8.8ml refillable tank with a little self-fillable label on the side so you can know what juice you’ve loaded. The refill hole is under the coil, which slips out of its silicon seating on the underside of the cartridge to be replaced.

The coil design is rather unique, to accommodate the cartridge system. It’s a kanthal coil within a ceramic housing and I like the way it sits at the bottom of the tank, constantly being soaked by the juice above it, I don’t expect dry hits here.

There are six battery vents on the base.

No branding is visible anywhere.

A smooth finish with very different but very comfy hand feel, plus the mouthpiece is all curved and just feels right.

joyetech atopack penguin exploded viewThe Included PG1 and PG2 Coil Heads

With both coil heads, it takes a good 15 hits for the flavor to start coming through.

While 0.6Ohms MTL is definitely not my cup of tea, I did find the flavor on PG1 to be the better of the two. I found the airflow too open for a decent MTL and vapor production minimal on this particular coil and soon changed it for a 0.25 Ohm coil, deeming it quite useless.

A pleasant surprise on the DL PG2 coil heads, flavor is really not bad, considering. In fact, the flavor is outstanding for a pod system. The vapor production is way higher than I’d ever expected from the Penguin, though obviously falling short of your regular sub-ohm tank cloud factor.

joyetech atopack penguin coils

I’m very impressed with the assortment of coils and cartridges provided.

How Does The Penguin Atopack By Joyetech Perform?

While the 0.6 Ohm coil almost put me off using the device entirely, except for flavor, the 0.25 Ohm heads were a winner. I didn’t expect this kind of flavor, cloud or battery life from a pod like this. While this vape is not within my personal ballpark, it’s a sure winner for beginner vapers.

On top of that, the extreme portability, the fact that it can’t leak, the ergonomics are all great selling points.

I fount the airflow just right for these 0.25 Ohm coils but too breezy for the MTL 0.6 Ohm coils.
Good performance, for a pod mod of this size, plus you rarely need to fill, given the huge 8.8 ml capacity (which is a first for a pod mod.)

Not sure what type of vaper you are, MTL vs DTL, read our Beginners Guide to find out!

How To Fill

  • Slide out the mouthpiece and cartridge.
  • Remove the coil head from its silicon housing at the bottom of the tank.
  • Fill through the gasket beneath the coil head.

joyetech atopack penguin fillHow To Change the Coil

  • Slide out the mouthpiece and cartridge.
  • Remove the coil head from its silicon seating.
  • Replace.

How To Operate the Menu System

  • A simple five clicks on or off.

Battery Life

Battery life off this 2000 mAh battery is excellent, lasting a full day on those 0.25 Ohm coils. Plus the 2A charge is lightning fast, taking an hour or so.

joyetech atopack penguin battery

What I Like

Extended battery life, the ergonomics, the feel of the mouthpiece, the juice capacity, the flavor (for this kind of device.) I feel that battery life and juice capacity, combined with this kind of portability and those 0.25 ohm coils make this device a good choice for cross overs.

What I Dislike

I don’t think the device supports MTL, the airflow is too open for that. I would ask for a stab more power coming through but I am not a beginner! If you are a beginner, have a read of our Best Vape Starter Kit Guide 2018.

Final Review Verdict

Highly impressed by the performance out of this cute little guy, it’s ideal for beginners and crossover vapers. AIO convenience with sub-ohm skills, extended battery life, huge juice capacity and not half bad flavor…what more could you ask for out of a pod mod, honestly?

It is far more portable than most vaporizers and for that I give it credit.

Would I buy this if I lost/broke the device? No… but I would buy it as a gift for a smoker.


  • Battery Life
  • PG 2 Coils
  • Juice Capacity
  • Ergonomics
  • Portability
  • Ease of Use


  • PG 1 Coils
  • Not for experienced sub-ohmers, more for beginners
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cig free ever since. I have been through hundreds of products from cig-a-likes to TC mods and I've lost count of the e-liquids I've tried! Ecigology is here to help you make an informed decision. We know how difficult it can be to choose from all the options out there.


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