Like many of our readers know, I was a pack a day smoker from the age of 18 to about 25. While on the patch I came across an electronic cigarette one day, and never looked back. Ever since then I have gone as far into the subject as finances and time has allowed me.

Periodically I look in the news for any mention of e-cigs and I always end up getting pretty angry. Article after article of completely misinformed news agencies and authors spouting nonsense about them.

Doctors again and again, saying “I recommend you do what we know works”, which is what? Nicotine Gum? Nicotine Patches? Those work?

The rate of success is what, maybe 5%?

I would not call that “Something that works”. Time and time again, these people get stuck on the “potential sales to minors” that can happen, or the debunked FDA study on e-cigs, but nobody seems to actually take a minute and see what is actually going on. Sometimes you can’t base fact on what a government agency says, and we need to be aware of the complications of doing that.

The funny thing is, nobody is asking the community of people using e-cigs anything.

“Well, everyone knows they are bad for you.”

To continually say “There is no evidence these have any health benefits” is not entirely correct…

It would be better to say “There are no FDA approved studies that show these devices can help you quit smoking”. This is true, there are no FDA approved studies that show this.

There are however studies not conducted by the FDA that prove that they are damn effective. I have even made it part of my life to get people switched off of analog cigarettes and onto electronic cigarettes, because I know it works.

The problem is, the government and big tobacco isn’t interested in helping anyone quit smoking, so they aren’t going to fund the studies that say this works.

But here’s my study

“I couldn’t quit smoking, but I switched to e-cigs, and now I don’t cough all night in my sleep and my wife lets me kiss her without brushing my teeth first.”

“It’s all from China and I don’t know what’s in them, or what it might do to me.”

No, not all the juice and units come from China. In fact, aside from the cheap and convenient units, I don’t buy anything made outside of the USA.

In the USA we have boutique and commercial e juice companies crafting amazing juices, made with FDA approved materials, if you need a stamp of government approval to sleep at night. We have USA made electronic cigarette units, which provide an incredible experience and better performance. You can even make your own juice pretty easily if you want to. There is a huge community of people always improving on this little device.

Is it possible that this electronic device can cause more harm than an analog cigarette? Really? I thought analog cigarettes possess over 4,000 chemicals in them?

I know exactly what goes into my juice. I don’t think any of these people writing articles have ever seen a Provari unit, or tried a premium juice. Sometimes, finding the best option available means digging a little deeper. Just like you can choose organic and local at a grocery store, you can choose something made here in the USA.

I just want people to take a second look at something that is saving lives (without FDA approval) possibly my own, be fore regurgitating the same old misinformation in another half-assed article…

Reader Comments

Aonus May 13, 2013 at 2:50 pm ·

I dont know what it is that the government takes people for. Though what i do know is that Tax goes with analog cigs along with Alcohol and i can say its fairly high on tax. so the Government isnt going to tell people to stop because it funds them overall.

The First time ive ever tried an e-cig was on an airplane with with a 13 hour flight. I prolly would have gone nuts on the plane if not for my seat partner. she was like “hey u smoke? i got an E-cig”. From there it was history and i dont regret ever taking the dive.

At the least i know whats going in. If your scared of an E-cig. Here are the things u want to be afraid of: 1.a miracle that u would get electrocuted putting something in ur mouth and taking a drag. 2. u blow vapor at someone holding a knife and they lost vision, tripped and fell on u with it. 3. u get bright ideas and start injecting urself with ejuice. 4. you die from what? 4-5 ingredients.

ALL of which highly unlikely and the smallest chance of it ever happening. What can i say about analog Cigarettes? Go malboro man until ur lungs keels over and dies, one of the thousands of chemicals gets you, or till you need a hole in ur neck to breath. The list can go on.

I've been vaping since 2010 and been cig free ever since. I have been through hundreds of products from cig-a-likes to TC mods and I've lost count of the e-liquids I've tried! Ecigology is here to help you make an informed decision. We know how difficult it can be to choose from all the options out there.


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