Today was one of the most exciting days in vaping I’ve had in a while… My brand spanking new ProVari finally arrived in the mail!

I have been on pins and needles waiting for this thing to show up (checking the online tracking every hour or so) and could hardly wait to get home from work once I saw that it was in town.Provari Review

So… I grabbed the mail, ran in the front door, tore open the box and stood in awe at the beauty that lay before me. It wasn’t more than a couple minutes before I had one battery inside the unit and one on the charger, an atomizer screwed on and I was vaping away like a steam engine in sub-zero temperatures.

Ok. Before I give too much away too soon let me get on to the official format.

Here is my review of the ProVari after only several hours of ownership. I’ll check back in after a day or two and let you hear my thoughts at that point as well.

First Impressions

Like I said earlier, when I opened the box I was in awe of the beauty of this thing. It is gorgeous. It screams quality.

When I went to unscrew the endcap to put the battery inside, I swear I had never felt two machined pieces of metal glide so incredibly smoothly against each other. It was like they greased the threads with butter. Absolutely awesome.

The Build Quality

The unit is heavy, and rightfully so – it’s made of stainless steel – and seems to be perfectly balanced from front to back. It feels very comfortable in the hand. The activation button is made of hard rubber or soft plastic so it has a ‘grippyness’ to it that is pleasant, but also seems durable.

When you press in on the button, there is no click at all. Just a smooth, responsive and solid movement with just the right amount of spring to it. Something that impressed me about the button as well is that there is no play in it.

What I mean is that it doesn’t wiggle around at all. I’ve only been using it for several hours but I can’t imagine this thing ever failing to fire when you want it to.

Something I was curious about within the first hour or so was how well it played with the various atties that I own.

My eGo batteries can be a bit finicky in this area (some atties don’t sit perfectly inside or make 100% contact with the little “nub” and it means that 90% work well but the other 10% don’t work at all). Fortunately, the ProVari has had zero problems getting along with any atties I’ve tried so far.

It’s obvious that ProVape engineered this unit with those sort of things in mind.

The Performance

There isn’t a soul on Earth that can argue that the ProVari doesn’t perform well. This unit is absolutely top-of-it’s-class when it comes to creating the thickest, juiciest clouds of vapor that you’ve ever seen.

I am currently vaping a 2.1ohm vape tank at 4.3 volts (sorry for geeking out for a second there) and it is rocking my freaking socks off.

I’ve heard a lot people refer to 4.3 volts as the “sweet spot” and at this point, I have to totally agree. The flavors of the juices I’ve tried are much more pronounced than they were on my 3.7 volt devices without being over the top.

In addition to the increase in flavor over an eGo (or any other 3.7 volt device), the vapor is increased quite a bit as well.

If I had to estimate how much vapor this makes compared to a 2.1ohm atty on a vape pen battery, I’d say it makes about 30%-50% more vapor – which is impressive considering how well the eGo can belt it out.

This is expected of course, with the increase in voltage, but is impressive nonetheless.

Throat hit varies according to the voltage setting. At 4.3 volts, it is only slightly stronger than a 3.7 volt device, but at 5 volts it really gets kicked up a notch.

It’s hotter, more dense feeling (like smoke feels), and generally just more intense. At 5.5 volts on this atty the flavor started tasting burnt – even immediately after dripping a couple drops – so I haven’t really cranked it up to that point and vaped it enough to explore the throat hit.

To truly experience the throat hit at 5.5 to 6 volts, I’ll have to pick up some 3ohm atties. After trying all the available voltages that work with my 2.1ohm atty, I really am happiest at 4.3 so far.

The Features

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading up on this device, you already know it has virtually any feature you’d ever need.

You can not only adjust your voltage up or down, but can also test the resistance of your atomizers, check the remaining battery level, power the unit on/off and turn the lights on/off.

My favorite feature (besides the variable voltage of course) is the ability to check atty resistance.

I have a pretty decent stash of atties laying around that have no markings on them and it’s nice to see what an atty is rated at before you decide which voltage to start with. It may be kind of a geek-centric feature, but I’m am loving it in a big way.

Final Provari Review Verdict

So obviously I love this thing. Like many variable voltage mods it performs like an absolute champ, but for me what sets the ProVari apart and really makes it worth the money are the attention to detail, the thoughtfulness that was put into it, the ton of features, and the overall craftsmanship.

Investing $150 to $200 on a vaping device is no joke. That’s serious cash for just about anybody I hang with, but I’m dead serious when I say that it is absolutely worth every penny. I would not only recommend this thing to any one of my friends looking to step up their vaping, but I may end up buying one in another color down the road.

If you’ve got the dough and have even remotely considered taking the plunge into variable voltage, go get one of these right now.

Reader Comments

3 Comments on “Gary Reviews The ProVari”

zach June 17, 2013 at 7:42 pm · Reply

Omg no way idve def hung him upside down n shook the livin he** out of him lol. Man i hate nothing worse then a thieve .. i just got my new provari 2.5 im chargin batts really. Good n tryin any min .. Very nice craftmenship.. Im excited

Gary April 23, 2011 at 8:06 am · Reply

Don’t leave this beauty sitting around if you go out with it. I took mine out to see a friend while he was boiling sap to make maple syrup. We went inside to sit down for a cup of coffee and when we went back outdoors, I left it sitting on his table. His son had a friend over…….my Provari disappeared. I was not 100% sure if I dropped it outdoors or if i left it inside……(that kid sure did take off in a hurry….) My buddy’s son is not a shining example and his friend I later learned is even worse…..

After looking and retracing my steps I am sure I left it inside but I could not prove that he stole it……

I had to buy another one…..lesson learned. DO NOT LET THIS BEAUTY OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!!!

It is the top of the pile in PVs.

fiercemoose April 23, 2011 at 9:22 am · Reply

Oh man… That’s messed up! I would have been so mad. At least you were able to get another one though…

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