Let the professionals bring the juice to you – Craft Vapery Subscription Review.

I have been using electronic cigarettes for a long, long time now.

I have to admit that at this point, the charm and adventure of seeking out new and delicious juices tends to wear off.Craft Vapery Subscription Review

I just want to reach for my device and not have to worry about a bad surprise. If someone with a good palette would send me juice, I would be happy.

This is where Craft Vapery comes in. Sign up for the service and receive three bottles of curated juice every month.

Me likey.

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What it is?

Craft Vapery is basically a monthly juice club.

Ingenious right?

Wine aficionados have been doing it for ages, and with how far juice vendors have come, its time for us Vapers to join the ranks by looking down on society and mocking their elementary tastes.Craft Vapery review

Basically, you tell them what you like, and every month they send you three bottles of juice that based on your tasting profile you would enjoy.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been burned by ordering a flavor I would normally like, lets take chocolate, and one out of three times I am bummed out by a bad chocolate.

Its been too weak, too strong, or didn’t even taste like chocolate. This is why you read reviews. Let other people vet the juice out for you and enjoy the spoils of their labor.

Take it to the next level… Let a professional curate your juices, and send them directly to you.

It’s like getting a birthday present every month that you didn’t know you even wanted.

How it works

Step 1 : Pick which flavors you like and Don’t Like

Craft Vapery Choose e juice FlavorJust click on which ones you like. I would probably recommend hitting the ‘Surprise Me!’ button since it adds to the mystery and possibilities. I did not, because I really don’t like menthol very much.

Just about every other flavor was selected though. This is going to be your flavor profile. The connoisseurs over at Craft Vapery will consult this list and send you the best in your approved list.

Step 2 : Pick your nicotine strength and PG/VG Preference

Craft Vapery subscription reviewChoose which strength of juice you like. I would recommend that if you are a pack a day smoker to go for 18mg.

‘Throat hit’ is generally effected by the amount of nicotine in the juice, so the lower the nicotine, the less you feel the stuff you are inhaling.

If you are used to smoking 1 ultralight a day, go for 0mg- 6mg.

You also get the option here to choose if you prefer higher VG e juices. Good for those using sub ohm vape tanks and drippers.

Step 4 : Choose number of bottles

Craft Vapery Subscription ReviewYou can choose anything from 2 – 8 15ml bottles to be delivered every month. The prices will change to show how much this will cost per month.

Prices are as follows

  • 2 Bottles = $14.99 per month
  • 3 = $21.99
  • 4 = $28.99
  • 5 = $35.99
  • 6 = $41.99
  • 8 = $54.99

Craft Vapery also give you the option to then leave notes for the curator of the box if you have any specific requests.

Step 3 : Add coils, cotton or accessories (if you want to)

Already have a device? Sweet! You’ll just be needing a steady supply of new atomizer coil heads.

Believe me, you don’t want to be gambling on your last atomizer while you wait a week for your next shipment to come in.

Its like having a new toothbrush delivered every few months, its just good practice.

The only downside for me here is that they only have a small selection of coils available from various brands and products. If you don’t have one of these vape tanks then you are out of luck.

I would like to see a drop down here that offers a larger selection of coil heads to choose from.

Not a huge deal though as I tend to buy a few packs of coils to keep myself fully stocked at all times.

Step 4 : Checkout

Create an account. Send them your money. Love it.

Craft Vapery Subscription Review Verdict

I recently came in to contact with the guys at Craft Vapery, and they decided to hook me up with a box for free. I gladly accepted, and honestly I have been pleasantly surprised.

With approximately 600+ juices tried, I’m not easy to please. I received a bottle of ‘The Dough’ from DNA, which is absolutely delicious.

It’s a subtle cookie dough flavor and I am definitely digging it. I also received a bottle of ‘SnickleFritz’ from Ben Johnson’s Awesome Sauce, which happened to be my wife’s screen name on LOTR online.

It’s a very good melon kiwi type vape. Lastly I received ‘Miss White’ from Alpha Vape. It’s a delicious dragon fruit and raspberry blend.

I have recently been addicted to another one of Alpha Vape’s juices and this one does not disappoint.

Craft Vapery also deliver to Canada and the rest of the world. If this applies to you please check out their T&C’s for full details.

Last but not least they send you a card to rate what you got.

All in all I am incredibly satisfied with what I got from Craft Vapery, and I will definitely be a returning customer.

Product Availability

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