V2 Cigs Introduction

Before we get stuck into our V2 EX Series and V2 E Cig review lets take a quick look at the company itself.

Established in Florida back in 2009, V2 was the early pioneers that entered the booming E-Cigarette industry in America.

Due to their strong positioning as one of the United State’s top e-cigarette brands, they have ventured into European markets and since, V2 have become one of the top choices for new vapers making the switch both sides of the pond.V2 Cigs Review

Even though the company has expanded and launched a higher-end range of products with their Pro Series, their signature, and first devices, remain one of their most popular selling electronic cigarettes.

Thriving on their impeccable reputation, V2 attracts a tremendous amount of star-studded reviews and definitely need to live up to expectations.

Although the various reviews look to have them as the best e-cigarette brand in the market, we should not be simply sold based on hype as there as many other rising brands dropping top-notch devices as well.

So for those who are seeking for a cigarette-like form factor, V2’s Cigalikes sound as though they are one of top options available in the market.

What’s the real story?

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V2 E Cigs Design and Packaging

We have the V2 Ultimate Starter Kit for review which as the name suggests is the top end, all singing, all dancing kit. If you are looking for the V2 EX Series review keep on scrolling.V2 Cig review

This retails at $94.95, that might seem expensive but you get a lot for your money.

It has to be said: There are plenty of other kit options starting at a more wallet-friendly price that we will go over further in the review.

The V2 kit packaging is superb. Clean design, decked in a minimalist blue, white and gray. The magnetic lid opens upwards to reveal the goodies that are cradled within the presentation box.

Inside The Ultimate kit You Will Find:

  • 3 X E Cig Batteries (Your choice of automatic or manual in short, regular and long size).
  • 5 X Packs of V2 Cartridges (Each pack contains 5 cartridges for a total of 25. You choose from 12 flavors and 5 nicotine strengths)
  • 1 X Metal E Cig Carry Case
  • 1 X Portable Charging Case (PCC) – This charges your batteries when you are on the move
  • 1 X Power Cig – Allows ‘pass through vaping’. No need for charged battery, just plug it into a USB port and vape.
  • 3 X Chargers – (Car, Wall & USB)
  • 1 X V2 Cigs User Manual

As you can see, this kit literally has everything needed and a little extra.

What Is The Build Quality And Design Of The V2 Cig Like?

Featuring industry standard cartomizer-style cartridges, their e-cigs comes in two parts.

The battery and e cig cartridge.

The design of the actual V2 e cig isn’t a replica of a tobacco cigarette. Instead, V2 have gone for a plain, smooth touch battery that feels quality and plain color-coded (for each flavor) cartridges.

The components screw together smoothly, with four tiny gaps on the silver band on top of the battery, built to regulate airflow.V2 Cigs Review

V2 Batteries are available in stainless steel, blue, black, white and pink to make the girls wink. All have a nice metallic finish to them, you can mix and match depending on the kit you choose.

All Classic Starter Kits, on their individual product pages, give you the option to choose your preferred battery size, and whether they are manual or automatic. That is unless you opt for the smallest e cig battery this is available in manual only.

So What Is The Difference Between The Automatic And Manual V2 Batteries?

That’s a good question.V2 Automatic vs manual battery

Think of the automatic e-cig functioning just like an actual cigarette, where the battery is automatically activated every time you draw.

With the manual versions, the battery will only be activated when you press the button.

But Does The Button Stand Out Like A Sore Thumb?

No, not at all. The button blends in seamlessly with the aesthetics as a whole and doesn’t stand out awkwardly.

So Which V2 battery Should I Choose?

This is just a personal opinion so you will ultimately have to choose what suits you best.

For me, I prefer the manual version.

The manual battery allows you to heat the juice up before taking a drag making every vape more satisfying.

While the automatic battery switch is very responsive (the switch activates when taking drag) you may find you have to take a primer puff ot two to get the e-liquid in the cartomizer heated up nicely.

V2 Battery Sizes – What’s the Difference?

So you have three battery options to choose from, short, standard and long. The EX battery in the image below is available in another kit.

V2 E Cig battery Comparison

V2 Battery Performance

Two important things to keep in mind:

It’s common sense that the smaller the battery the less amount of time it will last between charges.

Secondly, the long batteries do not fit in the Portable Charging Case or carry case, although they can still be charged. Only something to keep in mind if you go for a starter kit that includes the PCC.

The performance of the battery for both manual and automatic versions is decent considering their small size.

They aren’t going to outlast vape pen batteries, far from it. The main thing you need to understand with mini e cigarettes is the battery life is generally not that great.V2 Batteries

The battery capacity for the standard length is 250 mAh, powering approximately 200 puffs.

For the longer version, its battery capacity is 380 mAh, allowing around 300 puffs.

On the other hand, the batteries for the EX Series last up to 300 puffs with only a 280 mAh capacity and supply a more effective vapor flow.

When the battery is about to shut down, the LED tip will begin to flash 15 times, and this is a sign for you to plug it into its USB charger or PCC.

The estimated number of puffs per battery is based on tiptop conditions, so don’t take these numbers as fact. They will differ, especially the more charging cycles your batteries go through.

I would recommend everyone at some point gets the PCC, if it is in your budget from the get go then start off with one. It will completely change your experience with cig-a-like e cigs and allow you a full day of vaping.

If not buying a PCC, I would say try one long battery and one standard. If you do buy a kit with the PCC then two standard batteries are the way to go so both can be charged and carried in the case.

For vapers who are especially concerned with battery life and would not mind switching up to larger vape pens, the battery on the V2 Pro Series 3 has an impressive capacity of 650 mAh and a hefty 1800 mAh capacity on the V2 pro Series 7.V2 Pro Series 3

Check them out, especially if you are a heavy smoker.

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Portable Charging Case – Also Know For Short As A PCC

V2 Portable Charging CaseFor me, this is a must have bit of kit.

The PCC is in effect a battery that you carry your e cigs around in.

The main function is to keep one of your batteries charged while you are on the move and away from a charging source. It can charge up to 4 batteries before the case itself needs charging so will see you through a full day out and about.V2 Cigs Review

It has the added benefit of also allowing you to carry around 2 spare V2 cartridges.

Picture this:

You don’t have the PCC. You leave the house for a nice day out with your two batteries and a couple of cartridges.

By midday you have vaped a little more than you normally do and your first battery is dead. No problem, you have a spare.

You carry on your day and a few hours later plans change and you are going to be out longer than you planned. And then your second battery dies.

This has happened to me. It’s not a good place to be. The nicotine cravings soon kick in and buying a pack of cigs becomes a consideration. You get the picture!

With a PCC you deplete your first battery. Swap it for the one in your case. While you are vaping with your spare the first battery is charging! Just a case of rotation and you should never be ecig-less.

The PCC is streamlined looks and feels great as well. It has a sliding, spring-loaded lid, and a smooth metallic finish that allows you to slip it in and out of your jean pocket with ease.

It’s well sized and doesn’t get in the way.

As touched on before. The standard PCC will not fit the long batteries. There is an option to buy an XL PCC separately but at $59.95 it’s not cheap.

I would personally just stick with the standard size PCC and buy standard batteries to go with it.

V2 Cartridge Flavors and Vapor

V2 Flavors

V2 offer an extensive selection in its range of e-juice flavors with three rich tobacco blends (Congress, Sahara, and Red), the place where most new vapers will start.

There are also three cooling mint variation (Peppermint, Menthol and Green Tea Menthol), a number of sweet vapes (Chocolate, Cherry, Grape, Cola and Vanilla) and a Coffee flavor.

Here are my thoughts on the V2 flavors. As always taste is subjective, what works (and doesn’t work) for me may not work for you. So maybe this can act as a guidance as such.

V2 Sahara E juice ReviewSahara

The intense Sahara blend has topped the list when it comes to emulating the rich flavor of famed tobacco cigarettes.

Although it may not taste exactly like tobacco, the iconic aroma, and a tinge of sweetness are pretty distinctive.

For me personally, this is my number 2 in the V2 tobacco flavors.

V2 RedV2 Cartridges

V2 Red is basically an alternative to Marlboro Red, although its flavor is not quite as full-bodied as its tobacco counterpart.

It does possess some resemblance to Marlboro Red but definitely did not cut as close as Sahara’s emulation of the Camels blends.

V2 Red comes in as my 3rd pick from the tobacco’s.

V2 Congress E Liquid ReviewCongress

The third tobacco flavor from V2 is Congress, which imitates the taste of Parliament and Marlboro lights.

It’s a close call between this and Sahara.

Personally, I find that Congress is a smooth, robust and thoroughly enjoyable tobacco taste. This is the tobacco flavor I found myself going back to.

V2 Menthol, Peppermint & Green Tea Menthol

V2 menthol Review
The strongest of the V2 range of mint e-juice is the Menthol, though taste-wise the Peppermint flavor is definitely more preferable due to its sweet tinge.

The Peppermint is definitely my favorite e juices on the minty/menthol side of things.

As for the Green Tea Menthol, the blend is… Unique.

Passing off a good Green Tea flavor can be somewhat demanding and the ambitious attempt to blend in menthol resulted in a flavor which was strange but I actually really enjoyed vaping it.

The Green Tea flavor came through more in the aftertaste so wasn’t overpowering.

Not for everyone, I’m sure, but a good effort in my opinion.

Sweet, Fruity and All Flavors In Between

V2 Flavor CartridgesStarting with the more conventional blends, the Coffee and Vanilla cartridges are pretty generic but definitely a safe choice as you do get a decent flavor version of both. If anything, the coffee blend could of had an extra shot to give it a little more ‘oomph’.

Cola was just OK for me. Like many cola e liquid flavors its taste came closer to the Cola Bottle sweets rather than the actual fizzy beverage.

Grape was a surprise. A good version although again, it could have done with a little boost of grape flavor to turn it into a very good juice.

Chocolate is a funny one for me when it comes to e liquids. I have yet to find one that tastes right. I also think that could be down to the fact that eating chocolate activates other senses, making it an enjoyable, satisfying experience.

Vaping chocolate has never hit the mark for me.

Vapour Production

When it comes to vapor volume, the V2 e-Cigs are on par to a conventional cigarette and capable of standing among the best cig-a-likes for vapor production.

Creating a respectable fog is effortless, especially so with the manual versions or after an initial few primer puffs with the automatic ones. The EX Series cartridges do provide that little bit more so if vapor production is important for you then keep these in mind.

The throat hit is on point, just the right amount of smooth without the feeling of harshness and scratchiness.

If this is your first time switching from tobacco to e cigs, the vapor volume with the V2 e-Cigs will definitely perform to your expectations.

Buying V2 Cigs Cartridges When The Time Comes For Replacements

There are a number of packs available when buying V2 cartridge refills. As with many things in commerce, more you buy the better the deal.

If you are unsure of which flavors to buy V2 have sampler packs available so you can try a variety.

A relatively risk free way to try new flavors as well without having to buy a full pack.

Here is a price breakdown:

V2 Classic Cartridges

  • 1 X Pack (5 Cartridges) – $9.95 ($1.99 per cartridge)
  • 4 X Packs (20 Cartridges) – $35.82 ($1.79 per cartridge)
  • 8 X Packs (40 Cartridges) – $67.66 ($1.69 per cartridge)
  • 16 X Packs (80 Cartridges) – $127.36 ($1.59 per cartridges)

V2 EX Flavor Cartridges

  • 1 X Pack (5 Cartridges) – $12.95 ($2.59 per cartridge)
  • 4 X Packs (20 Cartridges) – $49.21 ($2.46 per cartridge)
  • 8 X Packs (40 Cartridges) – $93.24 ($2.33 per cartridge)
  • 16 X Packs (80 Cartridges) – $176.12 ($2.20 per cartridges)

V2 Flavor Sampler Packs

  • 6 X Flavors (1 Cartridge in each) – $9.95
  • 12 X Flavors – $18.95
  • 6 X EX Cartridge Sampler – $12.95

Nicotine Levels

Five choices of nicotine level are available in the V2 e-cig cartridges;

  • Zero
  • Light (6 mg)
  • Medium (12 mg)
  • Full (18 mg)
  • Strong (24 mg)

If your goal is to reduce your nicotine addiction and quit vaping all together, these nicotine levels will allow you the option to ‘downgrade’ gradually.

The ‘Full’ cartridges contain sufficient nicotine to satisfy most smokers. However, the heaviest vapers may want to opt for the ‘Strong’ (24 mg) cartridges instead.

On the opposite side of the nicotine concentration spectrum, we have the ‘Zero’ nicotine option. You likely won’t start with these but they are a great choice if you are looking to to cut down completely.

I personally started on 18mg around 6 years ago and am now down to 3-6mg.

V2 Platinum E-Liquid

V2 Platinum E LiquidsBesides the cartridges, V2 have made its flavors available as e-liquid too in the form of the V2 Platinum range. This is a brilliant move for people wanting to vape their favorite V2 e juice flavors with box mods or vape pens from other brands.

These e-Juices can be used with the EX Blank clearomizers or the blank cartridges which can be bought separately.

V2 Platinum prices are reasonable as well. Available in three options:

  • 25ml – $16.95
  • 50ml – $29.95
  • 10ml Sample packs include 6 bottles – $29.95

We also have a V2 coupon code that will save you 10% off any and all orders.

Whether it’s the pre-loaded cartridges or e-liquid, it all depends on your vape preferences and V2 have really done a great job offering the various alternatives.

Batch Testing

Not many companies go the extra mile to assure their customers of their product quality like V2, it’s a good thing to see.

All their cartridges, e-liquids, and disposables are subjected to chemical testing and quality checks, and you will be able to get the free PDF report emailed to you by looking up its serial number on their website.

This will show you the ingredients and tests of your actual e juice.

V2 eliquid batch testing

You may not be too interested in all the scientific details but simply offering this extra service proves that V2 is completely transparent and take pride in their products’ quality.

V2 EX Series E Cig Review

V2 EX Series ReviewThe V2 EX Series is available in a separate starter kit or the components can be purchased separately and used with standard V2 batteries. To help with your choice here is our V2 EX review.

V2 EX Flavor Cartridges

V2 Cigs EX CartridgesThe EX Flavor cartridges are different to the standard cartridges. Rather than the e-liquid being soaked into a wicking material that fills standard carts, the EX cartridge is filled with e liquid and features a cotton free design.

They function similarly to the original pre-filled cartridges but boast some significant upgrades.

These cartridges are packed with 400 plus puffs per cartridge compared to the standard 250 puffs and comes with an improved design; a tiny oval-shaped clear window on the side that displays the amount of e-juice.

The EX cartridges can also be purchased separately if you already have a Classic V2 kit.

I found these to perform better than the standard carts with the flavor and vapor coming through very nicely indeed.

V2 EX Blank Clearomizer Tank

V2 EX Blank Clearomizer TanksYou also have the choice of the V2 EX Blank cartridges. These are essentially mini clearomizer tanks. Just unscrew the tip for e-juice refilling.

This is highly recommended for anyone looking for a more economical alternative to pre-loaded cartridges as they can be refilled whenever the e-juice runs out.

These clear cartridges contain a coil situated on the tip of its central stem and have a level gauge indicating the amount of e-juice left.

V2 EX Blank CartridgeThis fantastic addition to V2’s product range is a perfect fusion of both entry-level and slightly more hands-on mechanism.

Again, these step things up another notch in terms of performance when compared to the other cartridges.

On the whole, the entire EX Series construction is sturdy and modern, with its beautiful logo printed on both batteries and cartridges.

The sleek LED tip illuminates according to your inhalation, imitating that of an actual cigarette. The e-cigs are programmed to shut off temporarily and display 3 LED blinks for a consecutive inhalation of more than 10 seconds.

This limitation is set in place to prevent you from inhaling too much nicotine at a go.

You may find this to be a hindrance, but in reality, drawing over a duration of 10 seconds is pretty uncomfortable and will likely result in a mention in the Guiness World Records.

V2 EX Series Battery Performance

The updated V2 e-Cigs EX Series promise to deliver a longer battery life for extended vaping and even an exclusive battery indicator, but are these enhancements worth the extra Dollars?

V2 design and manufacture the EX Series batteries with the intention of blurring the line between entry-level first generation, and the more professional vape pen style.

With this innovation, the EX Series batteries are one of the best options for cig-a-like vapes in the market.

Check Out This V2 EX Series Overview Video

Let’s delve deeper to understand if this is indeed a turbo boost in the vape technology or a regular update.

So we understand that the latest battery comes with a 280 mAh capacity and running at 4.2 volts. It is receptive, sturdy and has a good battery life for its size.

If we were to make a comparison with the longer battery that packs a 350 mAh capacity and the shorter one with a 250 mAh capacity, the EX series battery has only bumped up by 30 mAh, which is rather negligible.

Yet, the EX Series cost more than both of them when buying separately. So unless the new design feature of the EX – Five level battery indicators – is something that appeals to you, we do not find it offering much draw in terms of overall battery life.

In reality, we would say that a fully charged EX battery should last approximately 250 puffs. This is a rather decent amount unless you are a chain vaper.

All of this needs to take into account the individuals way of vaping as well so keep that in mind.

The LED battery indicator is extremely helpful when it comes to reminding you the amount of battery you have left before running out of juice, so you can gauge if it needs a charge before you leave the house.

It only requires a little more than 3 hours for a full charge via USB, so that is rather fast.

As I have mentioned, it is not that great of a deal compared to the longer battery, which is less costly and last longer; so again, it bogs down to personal preference.

With everything said, the EX Series batteries are something to go for if you prefer having a smaller device that does not compromise on performance, and if you find the new addition of the LED indicator a useful feature.

Overall, the EX Series is definitely an impressive device among the other first-generation pens in the market.

Lifetime Warranty

Each V2 e-Cig is covered with a lifetime warranty; however, the company has set a few limitations to prevent vapers from taking advantage of the warranty. The warranty does not expire, but it’s definitely not unlimited. V2 only allow five replacements, so if you are unlucky enough to encounter a series of six faulty devices, you would not be covered for any more replacements.

But considering V2’s pristine product quality, it will be a very unlikely scenario. Other than that, the warranty guidelines are pretty generic – mods, accidental damage and parts such as cartridges, e-liquids and disposables will not be included in the warranty coverage.

In Finishing, Our V2 E Cig Review Verdict

It is challenging to find any faults with the V2 e-Cigs: from the dense vapor production, ideal throat-hit, sturdy design, e liquid flavor depth and the range of add-ons, V2 definitely set themselves apart from the competition.

With the introduction of its EX Series and its refillable tanks, V2 have further brought their game up a notch.

The only drawback that V2 might have is that heavy smokers may find battery life in the cigalike range a struggle. Especially when compared to their higher-end devices such as the V2 Pro Series 3 and 7.

However, this is also quite apparent for any other cigalikes available in the market.

Therefore, after considering every aspect, V2’s products offer more than its hype, deservedly getting all the plaudits it receives.

Prices are good value with the cheapest starter kit costing $39.95.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy for new vapers to pick up and use out of the box
  • Plenty of options to customize
  • Can refill certain cartridges with e liquid
  • Starter kits to suit all budgets
  • Portable Charging Case available with certain kits
  • Good e liquid flavors


  • As with all cig-a-likes heavy smokers/vapers will struggle with battery life

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I've been vaping since 2010 and been cig free ever since. I have been through hundreds of products from cig-a-likes to TC mods and I've lost count of the e-liquids I've tried! Ecigology is here to help you make an informed decision. We know how difficult it can be to choose from all the options out there.


  1. I have been active user of Vapour2 ecig for a while and have not had any problems since i ordered it. Even the delivery was fast and customer service ok. It looks tiny and very good built. I like its simple design. It produces even good vapor. It also charges fast and battery last i think fairly enough. Now because i started to travel a lot i am thinking of buying Trinity mod.

  2. I ordered the basic electronic cigarette starter kit for my father in law who was a smoker for more then 40 years. We weren’t sure which flavor to get and he doesn’t use the computer so we called the V2 Customer Service. The guy he spoke with was wonderful! He talked to him for a while and was so patient and helpful. Cant say enough good things about V2!


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